Unearthed (summer 2022) sigil lines spreadsheet

I’ve added the Volt line to the sheet. All the electrum drops have increased by 15%, and the cost has gone down by 200 sigils as well, to match the other lines.

Because there are more and more used for electrum, and the value relative to timers has been bumped up in the line, I’ve also changed all the choice nodes to pick electrum by default for the summary. That does make it a little harder to compare with the old line, but if you pick timers over electrum, they are the same as before.

All in all it was already one of the best lines for resources, and this season’s changes have made it even better.


Which timer nodes are worth it? Like if I were to get 50/50 timers and electrum, which timer nodes should I take?

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Good question, hadn’t really checked that. Looks like the nodes at the start are best for electrum, the last three are the most timer friendly:



Shoulda waited for this…oh well just claimed all electrum. Going to be a tight timer cost to finish this fort/next fort :sweat_smile:

Added the spell rider line (seems the same as last season), and the limited time lightning glyph line.

The glyph line is very similar to the week 4 one, except of course it’s a different glyph. Like the week 4 line, pretty much all the nodes are decent value, with some being really good.

For me personally it’s not an interesting glyph, since I’m not going to have lightnings much longer. But even then I’m very much considering getting the line for the resources. If you actually want the glyph, it’s even nicer.


Added the festive line, oculus line, and dark flak limited line.

The festive is unchanged. Oculus got a bunch of extra gold chests in trade for not all that many embers, so that looks like an upgrade. The DF line is similar to the previous ones, with less building mats and more dust/chisels/pvp stuff.


@Morreion Oculus branch have 2 ascension token :blush:

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Thanks, fixed!

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Added the reskin branch. This is a more oldskool limited time branch where you have to pay a lot of sigils for nodes with just a key or ascension token.

The platinum chest node is very good value, but all the other ones are pretty meh. And the hammer ones depend a lot on your need I suppose, but they feel expensive too.

Getting the skins is only 3500, and that gets you the platinums too, so if you like them you’re getting reasonable value on the way there. Past the skins, personally I would skip this branch.