Unearthed Summer Tower Discussion

Discussion post for the Unearthed Summer Tower.

Check out the official post here: Unearthed Summer Tower


It seems the destruction feature is missing from the official info.

On destruction, the tower fires a projectile with speed 70 that can be dodged, that deals damage equal to a regular shot. Similar to how fire flaks work.


Are there any changes to the line (vs what we had last season when it was called the archmage line)?
Specifically changes to the number of chests and speedup offered



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Are rider boosts considered research or runes/glyphs?

Super shots of Charged Volt and Lightning :zap:


Ah ok - yeah we just mentioned that the tower explodes but didn’t go into the the specific damage numbers because all of the info wasn’t fully in the game yet.

Lightning towers power up charged volt. So does charged volt power up lightning towers?


So unbelievably OP. No resistances, breaks thru dodges, and no 1-per island limit is going to make this tower a wrecking ball. Orrery (anti shields) and Volt tower (anti dodges) combo will pretty much make it impossible for warriors and sorcs to fly against defended bases.


Bu kuleyi çok sevdim

in just concerned about electrum amount we get from branch . we are getting new turrets , new levels but electrum amount from branch is same. ofcourse we get electrum frim dragon line which is 27k definitely not enough.

When we consider runes and research why does the old wood tower have 7% more hp, 1% more regular damage?

Sure this new tower has 20% better supershot.

But this is a premium bar tower. It shouldnt be worse than the wood version should it?

And I dont have much research or very good runes so someone with a godly setup is going to be even more underhwlemed than me.

I was expecting better stats on the bar version compared to the wood version.

I only have a lightning hp rune and a supershot legendary. Rest are mage tower runes. No exotic runes either.

A mythic lightning striker rune for 35% negates the supershot differential.

So I would guess that someone with a strong or godly setup will have worse stats going for this new tower.

Seems a bit odd doesnt it?

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Sounds like a broken Lightning tower.

Reasons why I don’t trust PG anymore and have little to no hope for the game anymore except for friends, family, and dragons. This is only one of the many reasons though

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PG will fix that by selling CV strikers for $$$ in limited time branches.


Does this mean that the new tower, concerning lightning towers, only adds up to their boost as a count? So if I place this tower with a lightning, that lightning tower will SS as there were 2 lightning’s?

Since they don’t stack the damage between them, it seems that they work best with at least 1 lightning right?

Not sure what you’re trying to say, but no they work perfectly fine by themselves too, they’re entirely interchangeable with lightnings as far as the boost is concerned.

  • 3 lightnings
  • 2 lightnings 1 volt
  • 1 lightning 2 volts
  • 3 volts

All these give 60% supershot boost to all three towers.


No it doesn’t. That 35% goes on top of the pile of other boosts from research, base boosts, rider, gear, and other lightning towers. On a well geared base, a volt or lightning tower already has around 300% boost before runes. A +35% rune will just increase that to 335%.


So what’s your opinion on the CVT’s worth as compared to a very well buffed lightning?

I’m building a bunch for sure. They’re pretty much doing the same damage as my highly buffed lightnings, maybe a percent or two less. But they’ll stop the 90% of people cheesing those islands with a lightning resist. The 10% who can actually handle my current lightnings by proper flying will still ignore the volt towers just as easily, but that’s ok.