Unearthed - Week 1 - Temple Raid

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • As we prepare to kickstart the new season, these are the things you should expect to appear: discounted legendary dragons, Key Redemption Branch (following the Unchained season), Season Leaderboard Branch (following the Unchained season), and the remainder of the first wave.


  • What is the meaning of life to you, and how does one live?
  • Do you believe in the concept of “right/wrong place, wrong/right time”?

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Love ur work :heart_eyes:and ur Temple pic is amazing

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  1. The Meaning of a Life to me - was an excellent movie by Monty Python in 1983. How does one live - by 2 rules - 1. Treat others as u would want to be treated and 2. Shit happens.
  2. Yes. Not only for one’s own time period but ones that have happened or yet to come. For example - being a woman 300 years ago didn’t offer many job opportunities as today. Not sure if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would have had such an impact on society if they grew up as potato farmers in the Oregon territory.
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This is so outrageously unfair! I am blind and cannot find in one place all the information to make an informed decision to proceed with this new Season format! This Game is over for me! Thank you Pocket Gems!

Quite true! Beginning of Season it’s imperative to be able to spend Sigals during Events in order to help get through the Event. But we cannot because we are now forced to make decisions with consequence’s without truly being informed! What a rip off!

Why are the guardians portraits scaled so big that it makes it where i can’t even attack the guardians for the easy points? This started last Temple Raid event and nothing is being done to resolve the scaling of the guardians. Makes this event completely crap, and for it to be the first event of the season, really crappy!

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Im going to guess you mean the attack/raid buttons are being cut off your screen? If so then that’s an issue with your device, just go into your settings and zoom it out a bit and it should take care of it. Nothing changed in the scaling for me and I dont see the issue you’re talking about

Edit: However when I first started playing when I opened 10 chests it looked like this until I changed my phone settings

(had to scroll down to see the two on the bottom)

There’s no option in game settings to zoom out.

Not your game settings, in your phone’s settings. Should be under the Display tab

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Got it! Thanks!

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What is the meaning of life is a vague question my life or all life :thinking:

Well the latter would be far easier to answer and it would still wander into the seriously esoteric….lol

And since nonlinear thinking doesn’t go over well in a society that’s taught that linear thinking is more valuable it will be very hard to answer the former one……

The former is nearly impossible to answer satisfactorily without a good use and understanding of nonlinear thinking.

So my explanation would not be very understandable without massive context….
Hmmmm? dang this is hard how to explain this in a short summary ……:rofl:

Sufficed to say how to live life for me ….well….I’m a hereditary secular pagan witch who acknowledges all gods but does not bow or worship.
I work with and serve the only the old laws or the 7 universal truths passed within my coven which are the seven laws of manifestation.

And the personal meaning of this one life or yes my current objective here is to master self and balance my own internal duality and hold the seven laws of reality as perfect circle of use that will allow me to work with the first principle or what’s called the principle of balance.

And by doing so hopefully living a life that will Ideally be raising my spiritual body into the immortality of correspondence ……along with this held perspective …………and hopefully move my ethereal body to a higher plane of causation within correspondence.

And each time I return I attempt to balance the perfectly rhythmic entropy we call creation so as to raise the manifest around me thereby providing myself a superior raised body each time I return in which to further seek law and perceive the perfect circle of manifesting entropy humans mistakenly call creation.

Happiness is said to be fleeting……
This is because it is the balance humans pass on their way to doing something stupid that produces imbalance usually something “good” lol
But more often times something bad for both are imbalance……
And this brings me to the axiom
“The sword of law cuts both ways “
For balance and imbalance….

And since rhythm compensates or what humans often call karma when it compensates it allows for movement within causation and the hammer of causality will always sink the loose nail….
Be mindful of the old law less you find yourself made into a nail…. Lol

See what I mean hard to grasp without massive context….:point_up_2:

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It seems that players can no longer jump the guard.


Random thing I noticed this week, my Reyze only gets 0 recovery time if I dont equip attack and hp boosts. If I equip them he always has to heal even if I send him out for an extra IF when everything is dead. If I dont equip them on him he’s good with no recovery.