Unearthed - Week 10 - Fortification

I think most CFs announced it :sweat_smile: and PG changed the date in the original season post. Also like mentioned it is a thing since a few summer seasons.

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Fort History :tokyo_tower:


We get it every summer season. the cost of that is 3 new level forts in fall


Lol, they need to get back what they gave out first

TY for the info. Any idea how the previous tier restriction is going to work? For Monarch they had wanted to make it so you couldnt breed one of them without all 4 artisans but that didnt work out so it was supposed to be that the incubator couldnt be leveled without all 4 but I recall that also didnt work. Will all 4 monarchs also be part of the incubator requirement along with bein lvl 560?


I think free will is most interesting when debated in the context of religion and an afterlife.

Let’s say that, as with many religions, it is insisted that there is only one God and that you’ll only get into whatever is the best version of the afterlife by worshipping that one God.

Option 1) That God has given us free will to do whatever/worship whomever we choose. If we choose not to worship that one God, we get punished by not being admitted into paradise.

Option 2) Everything that happens is preordained and we have no free will. We do not worship that one God (because it was preordained that we don’t) and then get punished for doing so by the exact same God who has made that choice for us.

For me, this is the most compelling case against any religion (regardless of what it is - assuming it has “One God”). Why would a God either not give us free will and punish us for the choices we are destined to make, or give us free will and punish us for the decisions we’ve been allowed to make freely?


I don’t know man I am inclined to believe that Chunk is the chosen one and he will lead us to the path of eternal salvation.

He frequently dies with body slam and is ressurected 6hrs later ready to do it all again. Name one other diety than can ressurect in 6hrs!


Hey MasterofJuno,
Thought you might be interested in a different perspective of your reply. Please ignore if not the case.

Another way to look at this is: If we chose to live our life apart from God, He honors that decision and allows us to live separated from him in the afterlife.

If you are not being “punished” for living apart from God in the physical life, why would you consider it a punishment to live apart from him in the next life?

Some accept predestination, but most believe in free will. The whole idea of predestination is based on the belief that God is omnipotent and nothing can occur without His willing it.
Some believe that God knows the future, but He does not predestine it.

I fall into the second camp. Physics tells us that time and space are intertwined. That’s why time slows down around a black hole or when traveling fast. If God lives outside of the physical realm, he is not constrained by linear time.

Sure there is free will. We are physically wired to react a certain way to certain situations. Free will is exerted each time we make a decision that goes against those “selfish” desires.


3 days is the best I’d heard of

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Anxiously waiting for the announcement still. I definitely understand the being busy all the time part.

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Next event is :drum::drum::drum:


Ty Minna, the reakins look very nice - is the reskin branch the same as the leaderboard reskin or is it brand new?

Same as prizes for Leaderboard Ranking.

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