Unearthed - Week 11 - Crystal Caves


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  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • Assuming you’ve been affected at all, in what unpolitical terms have you been impacted by the recent global inflation?
  • Given the very true fact that hand sanitizer kills most germs, including the good germs, would you say that hand sanitizer is effective at its job?

When was the last time we had Crystal Cave? It feels a little to soon for another Crystal Cave anyways. Yeah it’s way too soon Week 7 is when we had it so one event after it was announced feels rather rushed….


I’ve been lucky enough to not be affected much. Gas is expensive. Products and services are more expensive; but, that’s, by definition, the concept of inflation lol.

I find it’s more or less noticed in supply? I ordered a couch in May; didn’t receive it until late July. Or, was just at a restaurant over the weekend and the establishment didn’t have certain dishes due to supply and a lack of staffing.

It seems the job market is in an odd place. People don’t seem to want to work post-covid. But, that’s about it. I’m pretty closed off to the world-- don’t like the news and all that; so I try to live in a sort of blissful ignorance.

I have very mixed feelings about hand sanitizer. I use it pretty infrequently. Even during covid, I used it pretty infrequently. (Mostly for superficial reasons [dries your skin and covid was prevalent during cold-weather months and my hands were already painful from the elements.])


We did just have it. Who knows what PG is doing, cause we barely get any communication these days-- let alone, advanced communication.



Food prices :arrow_up:
Gas prices :arrow_up:
Cost of everything :arrow_up:

(Governments try to fight inflation)

Interest rates :arrow_up:
Mortgage rates :arrow_up:

So now, not only am I paying 11% more on stuff that I buy, I’m now paying 11% more on my mortgage as well

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Really? :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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Very simple explanation. This is RSS intensive event. PG wants us to use more. Use more, spend more.

TBH this is total crap

Very very unhappy that they are shoving this event at us again.


It may be a grind, but it’s not resource-intensive; not as long as the multipliers are there.


It really isn’t. I get that it might be if you want to win as a team, but you can score bigly in CC personally without hardly spending any resources.


“Only if you want to win as a team” lol

I weep for the future


My competitive nature weeps alongside you, but, it really does become a lot, fighting for every single round. By the end of 5 days, I want to murder someone. Lol CC arguably makes me the most irritable of all PVP events in the current rotation.

People can’t do simple math. People can’t think strategically. People can’t use common sense. And, if you’re competitive, way more megas get dropped than I’d like to admit.

I wish the bonuses had a lower threshold per round. For individual points, this is arguably the best event (maybe Gauntlet); but, for team standing, this one is utterly exhausting.


Thank you. And it is end of season…. And was just recent…. And is happening for a 3rd time.

It reaks.

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Crystal Caves again?? I was thinking Fight Pits or Gauntlet…we need more or another PvP event in rotation.


I mean, does anyone still really care about league points or whatever?!

Or are you still measuring phalluses up there in D?


It was a factor in me changing jobs. Driving an hour one way each day was getting expensive, let alone needing to buy food on top of it. It by far wasn’t the overruling reason, but it was definitely a factor.

On hand sanitizer, I just like using it :joy::joy::joy:


Unless you’re very rich I think everyone has been impacted in some way. I work from home so thankfully gas hasn’t been much of an issue but obviously the price of everything has gone up on top of there being a shortage of a lot of things still.

Sure I guess as long as you’re not like those idiotic kids who were drinking it. I have it for when I do venture outside of the house

Not really. I can use the same number of IF (400) that I use in FP to reach 140k to max CC. CC is actually the least rss heavy event but requires the most time grinding.
If they wanted to give us a rss intensive event then they should have thrown Gauntlet at us.

This I agree with. If they’re taking FP out of the rotation, event temporarily, then dont repeat the same event we just had. Give us gauntlet instead.

The thing that just really bugs me is that they’re not telling us anything about it. They said they were making changes to FP last season and that’s why they gave us gauntlet at the end of the season instead of FP. Then they run FP week 3 this season with no changes. Now we get CC again and we haven’t heard anything about what is going on with the changes.

@PGCarlos Can you please ask what is happening with FP and why we’re getting Crystal Caves again when we just had it 4 weeks ago?
Given that PG is doing this, can we please know what the plan for week 13 is? Will it be Fight Pits or will it be Team Gauntlet? We would like to know so that we can plan the remainder of our season.


@MiinaNiina do you have the pvp history on hand? Before I get bent out of shape I’d like to be reminded what we have had when…

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Obviously the tentative FP for this week needs to be changed


PvP event history :memo:


Isn’t it time for a brand new pvp meanwhile? Things get a bit boring nowadays :joy::joy: