Unearthed - Week 12 - Breeding (+ Dungeons)

Minor PSA: I’m going to start including the mini-events in the titles from here on.


Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • Super Sigil Chests will see their first appearance of the season this event.
  • Tier 21, the Radiant tier (mid-game, early-game, and near-endgame players, see here for updated discount information) will be released alongside this event.


Since my birthday is tomorrow, August 16th, this week’s (primary) questions will be birthday-related.

  • In your opinion, is a birthday celebrated as a day of getting older, or is it celebrated as a commemoration of your initial date of birth? If in the latter sense, why do we not call them “anniversaries” or “milestones” rather than birthdays?
  • What is the definition of “aging” in your own words when referring to a person?

Event-related question:

  • Which dragons, if any, will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • In my opinion, the way in which the concept of a birthday is viewed depends entirely on the viewer; for instance, someone who’s averse to aging, or is hopelessly reminiscent of their own past life, would likely see it as just another “milestone” rather than a day of getting older, and could theoretically see it as an “anniversary” (as in marriage, engagements, or friendships) of their initial birth date. What flummoxes me is how it’s called a “birthday” for as long as you live, and even in death (which doesn’t make sense, except for in a mournful/sentimental sense), but your initial date of birth was your actual birthday, while in technical terms, you’re just living through a progressive streak of “anniversaries” of the day you came into the world. Although it actually seems that there could be a viable argument for both sides; the dictionary seems to be stumped on this topic as well.

I suppose one could even say that both are correct definitions; that’s the belief I hold personally, although it’s still puzzling how we continue calling them “birthdays” throughout life and death when we aren’t being reincarnated, or reborn, once per year for them to be called that.

  • To me, aging is most accurately defined as the accumulation of faults and damage over time. If you really think about it, that’s all that happens in life. We have our bad days, and those are forces on their own, but we also lose certain abilities. An old body is not as able as a young body; even most 20-year-olds (which isn’t old) experience some differences from their former selves. Both mental and physical properties are affected in the process of aging. Furthermore, when we age, our cells collapse and we lose our collagen, which is the protein responsible for making our skin elastic; this is why as we grow older, we develop wrinkles. It’s also thought that we don’t die of “old age”, nor do the animals of the world; we die of diseases and conditions (such as organ failure) that are a natural and inevitable part of growing old.

  • I hope to breed (and finish, which may or may not be unlikely) Lumestry this event so that I can move into Artisan tier next breeding.


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Bon anniversaire Jalen :slight_smile:

Birthday etymology: English word birthday comes from Old English ġebyrddæġ (also meaning “birth day”). The element ġebyrd (birth) may be related to the root “to bear” while dæġ (day) ultimately derives from Proto-Germanic *dagaz, and Proto-Indo-European *dʰegʷʰ- (“to burn”) with the idea that days are there when the sun is burning


:tada::birthday::balloon:Happy early Birthday! :balloon::birthday::tada:


Technically, for me, it’s to commemorate your date of birth. But, I think we have also added the “another year older” vibe to it as time’s went on. So, both? Interesting question, but I just don’t have a lot of creative juices flowing today to get much deeper, so I’ll leave it at that. Lol


It’s an anniversary of the day of your birth. The French say Bon Anniversaire! Us English speakers are just weird.

It’s not a definition, per se, more of a measurement of how much closer to the ground either your testicles or breasts are after one revolution of the sun

Happy Birthday Jalen!


Dying! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Happy early birthday. Today is my father’s birthday

To me a birthday is a celebration of that person and the time that they have been here. I’ve got nothing deeper than that :rofl:
I like celebrating other people’s birthdays, I do not celebrate my own

Gonna breed the new Radiant warrior and then finish up some artisan research


Happy early birthday :birthday: Jalen :partying_face:

Birthday for myself is nothing really important, I’m not the celebrating one on occasions like this (X-mess included lol).

Aging are various things…. Feeling more often some pain somewhere in your body, looking at things more relaxed, thinking about what things you could have done differently or what you have missed and so on.

I will breed the new Radiant warrior, glad that there is something to breed again finally after having finished the cheap stuff in research lol.

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  1. Both. It’s nice to celebrate the actual day you were born and the fact you made it another year. They are not mutually exclusive but lend themselves to being celebrated at the same time. But will assume the older one gets the “made it another year” takes more precedence.

  2. Definition of aging. From a biological sense - the shrinking or your telomeres. Physics sense - greater entropic burden. Spiritual - getting closer to the time of your string being cut.

Will be breeding one of the new tiered dragons. Not sure which one as of yet.

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Happy Birthday Jalen!

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HBD Sir Jalen

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Happy birthday Jalen :partying_face:

I will be breeding the Radian warrior

… or maybe the hunter…

… can’t decide

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As consummate “expert” on the subject in query [required resource at many a learned institution] I’d have to ask most close their eyes and cover their ears whereas the ontologies regarding certain civilities customarily have far deeper roots in organic orthodoxy than any alive today provide ample room for either listening to much less voicing openly… so instead consider meaning for “Birthday Suit” and “Birthday Spanking” as but analogs for annually reinforcing one’s own genetic make up. Call it maintenance if you will… but do you genuinely think you’d be all there all the time from what chance exchange there were to take place at origin?

Think on it as brief or however long may take but whereas early societies were tribal clusters of relative kin wherein many a tribal elder would be one’s own grandparents or aunts and uncles… so what purpose then would our modern nuclear families serve but to best reserve ultimate gestalt overall!?!

…and yes this says exactly what you think it does which answers your second query… how do you think ancient ancestors lived lives hundreds of years longer than any alive today… let that one age well with you… and by all means do indeed have yourself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :birthday::cake::ice_cream:

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A storm tower glyph this time… how useful :expressionless:


It should just be 400k dust to save us some clicks.


yey dungeon ,i hope they give us lumber packs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Next event is :drum::drum::drum:


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