Unearthed - Week 2 - Fortification

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • Tower levels 143, 144, and 145 will be released alongside this event.


  • If people constantly recite the mantra that “knowledge is power”, why do you think it is that highly or absurdly intelligent people are generally less happy than those who aren’t so sharp, or those with average intellect? Do you believe the two concepts go hand in hand?
    • Okay, so riddle me this (let’s call this a distorted form of a “subquestion”): if someone is happy and vigorous each waking moment of their life, then if “ignorance is bliss” holds true in daily life, does this euphoria imply that they lack insight? (Think: they’re constantly happy, so they must not be very sharp. Since “ignorance is bliss”, they must be ignorant. But is this truly implied by constant bliss? And how does this theory clash with the theory that “knowledge is power”, when the ones with compact brains are the ones who are always down in the dumps?)
    • One more subquestion before we move on: would you rather be knowledgeable and gloomy or ignorant and blissful? Does mental capacity trump the ability to be happy?
  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • The barrier between interpretation and lack of interpretation is faint, but it’s there. Generally, it is true that with more knowledge comes more power, but it is equally true that with more knowledge comes more burden, and this is the dilemma that humans in modern society have to contend with in their quest to ingenuity. Knowledge is compatible with awareness—with perception—and I believe that this is wherein the burden lies; the less aware or perceptive we are to certain undesirable realities, the happier our lives turn out to be. With prodigious amounts of knowledge, there is more room for burden, more room for anxiety, and therefore less stability, less liberty, and less ways to cope with the outside world, whereas the ignorance in others obstructs all negativity from ever taking root in their minds, simply because they don’t know to be cautious of it. Both qualities have their upsides and downsides, though.

    • Well, of course by process of elimination, if ignorance translates into a life of blissful paradise, surely that would mean that those with constant happiness show signs of ignorance, right? Perhaps that would be a plausible theory, but the human mind is a tricky maze to figure out. Can a person of insight hold any ounce of delight? Most people, myself included, would say that is possible. Did Einstein lead a joyful life from birth to death? That’s a question only he could answer, but I think it stands to reason to state that if the placeholder notion is that “ignorance is bliss”, then there is no room for the perceptive bunch to snivel at the feet of their intellect as they have everything it takes to stand tall and look it in the eyes. But knowledgeable people can fall to that level! Perhaps they’re truly sad, or perhaps they’re just very skilled at hiding their negative emotions to appear as they’re normally pictured. Following all of this logic, people who are always excessively happy are, at the very least, more likely to be ignorant than those who are either constantly despondent or are just very skilled at hiding whenever they are. But how does this theory of ignorance being bliss clash with the theory of knowledge being power? It’s simple; in life, we choose to either be ignorant and carefree (or blissful) or hold immense amounts of knowledge and reap the benefit of having power over our peers. Just as there is no ability to possess both knowledge and be ignorant, there is no ability to possess both ultimate power and unflagging pleasure. Therefore, the trade-off isn’t ignorance for knowledge nor knowledge for ignorance; it’s either pleasure for power or power for pleasure.

    • Personally, I would rather be ignorant and blissful than knowledgeable and gloomy. My position is that one’s composure is much more important than one’s physical power, and I myself wouldn’t dare make such a trade. However, the concept of whether or not mental capacity trumps the ability or capacity to be happy depends entirely on the subject, the subject’s moral views, and what the subject’s preferred lifestyle is; for instance, one who wants to punish oneself may prefer a life of grand knowledge and deep desolation over a life of paltry wits and total joy.

  • Given that I just rushed into Arcanum tier and am in what looks to be another hut-egg-related predicament (minus the Verdant eggs I have left over for this event that should provide me with some leeway), I have no set goal, but I will be ascending to level 530 at most (from a current status of 520).


I think it really depends on the situation and how that knowledge can be used. Someone who is highly intelligent and experienced in their field does have a lot of potential power but that doesn’t mean they have the means to utilize it.
The “average intellect” or even the ignorant masses outnumber those with higher intelligence significantly. Look at how things went down during the pandemic, you had highly trained medical professionals trying to provide information and advice. But you had the ignorant masses who wanted to ignore it or even deny it and claim those professionals are wrong. You can be incredibly intelligent, do amazing research and still have no power to make people believe you even when you provide them with the evidence.

I do believe in some ways yes, ignorance is bliss. I think a lot of people would say they stop watching the news/looking into things going on in the world simply because it becomes too depressing and that they feel that as a regular person that they have no ability to change anything so for their own personal health and happiness they dont want to know about it.

Knowledge is really only power if you also already have the influence (money and status) and often willingness to do questionable or even outright bad things in order to actually use it.

Still working on my plan though. Im debating on what new tower I actually want to work on since I have a few started.

I really wish we were getting a tower line this week, I could use the electrums. I’ll have to do some levels using turrets to merch since I’ll be short this time. I hate late tower level releases.


Knowledge is only your memory and there is power in holding that memory so knowledge is power to a degree …….but true power is not found in the sum of our intellect.

The stored data is worthless without the awareness to use it….

And without the confidence and the will to apply that knowledge……it will hold no power
And we can see limitless power is worthless in the hands of one who has no perspective of use….
Awareness is what allows that knowledge to be perceived and knowing the laws of physics did not help you memorize the names of all the trees in your geographic area…… lol
That was awareness……

Far to much emphasis has been placed on the power of the human mind and its ability to hold information in its memory.

When I say where do you keep your memories you will by reflex point towards your head.:crazy_face:
When the reality is that’s only a fraction of your actual memory.

For example we have the human body with its living memory……
Your mind makes up only a small percentage of your total memory and that’s maybe 5% if even that.
I will ask a question of your “memory”…. Can you remember what your great great grandfathers nose looked like ?

Well that’s funny it’s sitting right there on your face! Lmao

Yes along with every detail of all that is of those who came before you and it is what you are comprised of and all of it is perfectly memorized!
Yes from the color of your hair to the texture of your skin to the shape of your eye……

All these memories are held perfectly within each cell of the human body yet we place so much emphasis on the often flawed and inaccurate memory of the mind.lol

Einstein said that the academia of today stands on the backs of great men!

And that humans have only had about 12 actual new thoughts in the last 1000 years……lmao
Outside that you can not have said to be thinking……:man_shrugging:
You were only memorizing what others have thought! :crazy_face:

He then proceeded to make a list of great thinkers starting with archimedes and the Archimedes Screw and the list went on until he got to his own name where it said e=mc2.

And since there’s nothing new under the sun and anything you know is something someone else has already pondered more than likely no one you know has actually fully utilized their mind ever…… :man_shrugging:
They simply have yet to actually think……:flushed:

And to have a completely new idea is not as easy or common as you might guess….lmao

So as much as we would like to praise and glorify the power of the human mind we really are not utilizing it like we could or like we should ….

So having a high IQ and being knowledgeable does not make you powerful it makes you a good parrot!

Knowledge is not power…… awareness is power…. Knowledge is only a tool and your intelligence is a mere parrot…. :rofl::+1:


Is ignorance bliss? :thinking:

I’d say no…… sure your spared the horror of knowing how why and sometimes even when….

But simply because ignorance is the act of not knowing id say it holds far more agony and not knowing lays at the very heart of fear and nothing is more blind or ignorant than fear……

Ignorance and the fear it produces is the same fear as the fear of death for you do not know what it brings….
The act is final and unavoidable but that’s not what’s really scary and agonizing about it.

When contemplating death what truly hurts us ……is not knowing……
Yep simply ignorance of what is to come!

Let’s consider this….
So when this physical body can no longer contain the immortal spirit and the held perspective it has built up….
When you are called back to the pure light of correspondence….

Will you be judged?

We simply do not know and we can see very clearly the pure agony and imbalance that lack of knowledge has created……
And that’s true suffering …. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to fear your own creator simply out of ignorance……:pleading_face:

So no I wouldn’t say ignorance is bliss I’d say its the heart of fear and pure entropy……
The foundation of agony and the womb of imbalance… or what humans perceive as evil….

Fortification plans *

Shooting for Lv590 but I’ll probably fall short since I didn’t open last seasons chests…

I will be saving again this seasons resources simply because that’s what the game has degraded into and sadly it’s nothing more than a resource loop to me now! :man_shrugging:

A completely objective-less loop that restricts my competitive nature and doesn’t allow me to really offer competitive play without spending……
Pay to compete mechanics have made growth a pointless objective!

The map holds no objective that’s worth seeking and now the core games objective has failed as well ……

Sadly this fort is the first time I have no real goals I used to hold the illusion of catching up one day and making it to end game ….lmao
Ahhh but now that I’m up here at near end game I can see it will forever move just beyond what is reachable….

So as i approach it simply moves up again and after a few years of that climb I’m not even concerned with growth now :man_shrugging:

It’s actually kinda sad that I no longer care :man_facepalming:


Uhm, so it appears glory band is moved to level 585 for 100%. But that still means u will be 100% for everyone in the game but u aren’t allowed to have maxed towers. This seems out of balance.

@PGCarlos any comments on this ?

@PGAlgodon talked on this over here: 100% glory level changed

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I don’t agree with the premise that ignorance leads to more happiness. I also know it’s not possible to be 100% happy and vigorous every waking moment of your life. The body seeks homeostasis. If someone was 100% happy all the time, they would have no motivation to grow as a person or achieve anything meaningful. Other emotions are there for a reason. People can find a temporary sort of 24/7 happiness with certain drugs, but that’s not wise or sustainable.

I would always choose knowledge over ignorance. I would like to know the truth even if the truth hurts sometimes.

I’ve been working hard to prepare for this fort event. I’ll be going from level 521 to 538, upgrading my towers from level 121 to 130. I used to go up 60-80 levels or more in each fort in the lower tiers with the discounts. Going up 17 levels now will be a huge amount of progress for me. I’ll make a big jump towards having end tier dragons and end tier towers overall this season.


That’s pretty amazing, growing so fast after just a few seasons :+1:

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I heard employees get a lot free resources; so easy to lvl up for them. I wish I can work for war dragons. Are they hiring? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately due to escalating tower levels dragons we work so hard for don’t last but a season to season and half now.to collect a enough shards to maintain even a half of base to top tower levels is impossible without spending 100.00s of dollars,this game has turned into spend or don’t compete due to pg pushing for more money, sorry but your format is wrong smaller players as they realize what it cost to get to top tears, are quitting, long term players at top levels are quitting due to cost to maintain top tear status. Sorry but pg nerf dragons that would last several season and increase tower levels faster and faster trying to get players to spend. It’s not working there quitting faster than new players are growing discounting tower costs and egg tokan costs don’t work, if you really want game to last make a boat load of money it’s real simple here is a couple things that will do that
1 stop increasing tower levels every season only increase them 2 levels every other season
Reason being dragons player work for will last longer and lower level players will have more time to get tower levels up.
2 decrease the price of pacs and allow players to use atlas gems to buy atlas elite for 20k atlas gems
Reason being allow more players to compete in atlas and decrease pac price will allow players to get more for hard earned money a not feel like waistline it on dragons and tower levels that don’t last
3 increase prize levels in events by 2 levels for guys that do spend for energy and inners to get more stuff for there time and hard work

If PG does not do something real soon a lot more players will quit playing and game will cost way to much to play I love this game the way it was 2 years ago but this last year with escalating tower levels and constant nerfing of well designed dragons like barbend this game is costing way to much to play and not fun like it used to be


PGMatt doesn’t get free stuff. He worked 80 hour weeks to make Fera work so he got that line for free, but in everything else he is just an E2P grinder.
I get that it’s a joke but yeah PG is probably hiring lol


Some employees just give themselves levels, towers and dragons in order to experience certain aspects of the game at the top. But they’re not actually playing the game. Like PGGalileo had ramped up his level… I remember there was a breeding event where he was momentarily top global in the event because of that :joy:
But others like PGMatt grind it out and gain the experience of what it is like as an actual player.

It has been very nice to finally see a staff member also mentioning some of the things we have been bringing up for years because he has also experienced them and sees them. I really wish more staff (especially the dragon and economy teams) did this and experienced what we deal with first hand.


Usual reminder :lumber: :eyes: :lumber:


Intellect does not equal knowledge.
Knowledge does not equal power.
Power does not equal happiness.


So we aren’t able to merge nor transform the oculus tower yet it seems :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Malik, you are a monster of WD forum😄.
What was this topic about … PG should create some special portrait for you, really …you deserve it😄. N1 in forum.


I wrote the support about, but i get errors trying to opening my request, to see what the answers would be… so i thought its easier telling you directly.

We have great features for building, as merging, autoscalling our timers, so no need to click 10000 times on them… and so on… but while getting this features, you need to adapt something beside that… because people use it more… and that is , that small timers are more important .

If i build and speed up a small tower… too much small timers are going down… and if they arent anymore, the next bigger ones are taken, which is a waste.
I asked the support to give me more 1 min timer, and take my 12h timers for example… that would solve this problem… Specially when nowday you use merging , to use other ressources , to compensate needed ones…

Please help with that… its a big issue for people to not progress as they like… if i could just rotate many big timers to little ones… i would build up much better, while otherwise it stress people alot.




Wanted to ask if its possible to develop an instant 1- X Level for a tower (much like frags usage in breeding) to make the process of starting a new tower and taking it to level X a little less time consuming?

(sorry wasnt sure where to post this :see_no_evil:)

Jalen ty for the event updates as always :facepunch:

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This is a good idea. I started building a new mage tower yesterday. It takes forever to level it up one step at a time. It would be nice to at least be able to do multiple levels at a time depending on how much lumber / timers / other resources you have in your inventory.

This is on my list of quality of life improvements I’d like to make. It’s a long list, though, so I don’t know when or even if we’ll get to this. I’m trying to argue for more time to get small improvements like this added to the game whenever possible.


Would be great if we could get lumber storage increased to help facilitate this. I reckon about 20m ought to do it

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Appreciate the response and I hope the powers that be can give you time to run free for the small projects :laughing: