Unearthed - Week 2 - Fortification

Some employees just give themselves levels, towers and dragons in order to experience certain aspects of the game at the top. But they’re not actually playing the game. Like PGGalileo had ramped up his level… I remember there was a breeding event where he was momentarily top global in the event because of that :joy:
But others like PGMatt grind it out and gain the experience of what it is like as an actual player.

It has been very nice to finally see a staff member also mentioning some of the things we have been bringing up for years because he has also experienced them and sees them. I really wish more staff (especially the dragon and economy teams) did this and experienced what we deal with first hand.


Usual reminder :lumber: :eyes: :lumber:


Intellect does not equal knowledge.
Knowledge does not equal power.
Power does not equal happiness.


So we aren’t able to merge nor transform the oculus tower yet it seems :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Malik, you are a monster of WD forum😄.
What was this topic about … PG should create some special portrait for you, really …you deserve it😄. N1 in forum.


I wrote the support about, but i get errors trying to opening my request, to see what the answers would be… so i thought its easier telling you directly.

We have great features for building, as merging, autoscalling our timers, so no need to click 10000 times on them… and so on… but while getting this features, you need to adapt something beside that… because people use it more… and that is , that small timers are more important .

If i build and speed up a small tower… too much small timers are going down… and if they arent anymore, the next bigger ones are taken, which is a waste.
I asked the support to give me more 1 min timer, and take my 12h timers for example… that would solve this problem… Specially when nowday you use merging , to use other ressources , to compensate needed ones…

Please help with that… its a big issue for people to not progress as they like… if i could just rotate many big timers to little ones… i would build up much better, while otherwise it stress people alot.




Wanted to ask if its possible to develop an instant 1- X Level for a tower (much like frags usage in breeding) to make the process of starting a new tower and taking it to level X a little less time consuming?

(sorry wasnt sure where to post this :see_no_evil:)

Jalen ty for the event updates as always :facepunch:

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This is a good idea. I started building a new mage tower yesterday. It takes forever to level it up one step at a time. It would be nice to at least be able to do multiple levels at a time depending on how much lumber / timers / other resources you have in your inventory.

This is on my list of quality of life improvements I’d like to make. It’s a long list, though, so I don’t know when or even if we’ll get to this. I’m trying to argue for more time to get small improvements like this added to the game whenever possible.


Would be great if we could get lumber storage increased to help facilitate this. I reckon about 20m ought to do it

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Appreciate the response and I hope the powers that be can give you time to run free for the small projects :laughing:

If you could look into the timer issue aswell, it would be great…

While i build many new small towers up to level 20+ for merging purposes… it eats all the small timer, and after they are gone… i stop or waste the timers above…

So having the chance of getting small timer instead of few 12h timer, would help alot… Because unlike earlier, you have a autoscale button for your timers, and dont need to click all one by one anyway.


@PGCarlos any idea when we will be able to merge the oculus tower?

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Reminder :smiley:

Last season base boost buffs will disappear and be replaced by the current season base boost on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 12:00 AM PST.


I don’t quite yet - ping me again on this next week tho!

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I would advise being patient. Spamming your request isn’t going to speed anything up, and may even set you further away from your goal. Support can’t only cater to the needs of one player, and this way of asserting yourself is disrespectful, to say the least. Spamming also breaches a rule stated in the Code of Conduct. You would likely be much better off privately messaging him on the forums than plastering your message all over multiple different forum threads; believe it or not, that actually lessens your chances of being acknowledged.


I have sent them DM thru game but they are not answering

Its been a week now !!!

did they get to you yet

You sound like your the selfish type though by how much spamming you did here and in the other thread. It’s no wonder they shot you down to the bottom of the lists of players to help.

Any news when the Occulus is going to be able to be transformed or merge?


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