Unearthed - Week 3 - Fight Pits

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Champion Rider Branch will appear this event.


  • What is something you used to have a lot of passion for, but lost it as time had passed?
  • What is something you used to despise, but have developed a passion for?

I feel like they are introducing Trading Post a little to soon anyone else feel like they are introducing it to soon? :woman_facepalming:t2:

I won’t have a lot of sigils to use in the first place tbh they are pushing this out a little too soon. I know you all are just going to say just don’t use it well there are more useful things in these thing sometimes or not at all but I feel like they are pushing a we want you money agenda.

But Fight Pits is going to be an annoyance either way


Eww fight pits, worst event ever. Who knows what they’ve done to “improve” this horrible event but hopefully this goes the way of Kingdom Wars and breaks it beyond repair. FP has needed to go for a long time and if that means only having 3 good paying pvps then I’ll accept that for now.

Im going to guess that the champion riders are Kazane, Ano and Reginald since they only seem to want to release defensive champion riders in atlas… except we’re already running out of offensive riders to bring back.

It would be nice if Reginald gave us some better offers this season. Bring back the 48hr timer deal and stop with the low claim caps on offers using pearls as currency

Art. I used to love to draw, paint, doodle and work with clay and it is what part of my degree is in. However after I changed my major and a lot of personal stuff happened I lost interest in it and then completely stopped. I’d tried starting again but honestly my interest is mostly gone.

Cleaning. I used to HATE cleaning so much when I was younger but now I’ve found it can be rather satisfying.


Do we know what changes have been made to it yet? Would be nice to have that information @PGCarlos .


A lot of things tbh.


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  • living
  • sleeping and coffee

It actually makes me smile that KW is no longer your worst event ever.

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Well KW and Feeding are dead so it has to go to horrible, horrible Fight Pits
I do still hate KW more though because it was so time consuming. FP at least you can do your runs and then not gaf for the rest of the round. But they are both very close for my hatred.

  1. Reading and collecting comic books.
  2. Onions - despised them but love to cook with them now. Nothing like a sautéed sweet onion.
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no changes this time around


So then what was the point of changing the event cycle last season and we wasted a Team Gauntlet at the end of a season when we should have had Fight Pits?
We were told that changes were being made and wouldn’t be ready until 2nd pvp of summer.

Can we at least know what is going to be changed?


war dragons …


Everything is subject to change……

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Maybe even change itself….

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Maybe they didn’t want yo risk to have to send out nice apology gifts like the one after the last try with KW :joy:

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That’s ok, killing off Fight Pits is all the gift we need :joy: :crossed_fingers:t3:


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Pg exchanged fight pit with gauntlet knowing pit has less rewards and pointless grind so player would spent rss in gauntlet but here in this season they added trading post so players will have to grind for points to get sigils!! That is the only explanation i can think of.

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fight pits will be fine if they add more rewards or much more easier to score points like any other pvp event . i mean look at the crystal cave both have same rewards but what makes the difference is crystal cave is so much easier to score points unlike fight fight. and does have a feeling of getting rewards for grinding. even in coliseum with mega (3inner fire) we dont even get 5k points .


War dragons :joy: