Unearthed - Week 4 - Breeding

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • Artisan research will be available alongside this event.


  • Can dreams be associated with the unforeseen future?
  • Which dragons, if any, will you breed this event?

My answers:

  • I like to think that a dream we visualize in our sleep acts as a portent or a harbinger of something groundbreaking that is about to happen in our lives, for the better or for the worse; something of a shift in the events of our lives, a shift which we may or may not be aware of when the time comes. Perhaps the dreams we have don’t picture the literal turn of events, but they show symbols of how everything will fall into place by conveying a message or arranging a puzzle. For instance, one might have a particular scene in a dream where oneself stands regally in the wind at the top of a castle after vanquishing an entire army in battle with nothing but a string of faith and hopelessly incompetent soldiers, celebrating with a final “hurrah”, which would symbolize freedom from something oppressive that is recurring in their normal life, although they may not catch the correlation by the time they awaken. It’s one of those wily tricks that the mind plays on its host.

For another example, one may dream of a drought being ended by an unexpected downpour, washing the sands with water for the first time in eons, and bringing verve back to the hopeless people who rely on the forces of nature to survive. This could be symbolic of a flood of fortunate events happening to the dreamer in their own future life, which they’d make it to if they never lost hope; it could be saying that, assuming the dreamer is already well down that dark path, they should turn back and take the light path so that all of the finer things can (and will) pour down on them as well. It’s a grand epiphany.

In summary, I do believe that most dreams have some slight correlation to the real world, and more specifically to one’s own future in it. Dreams are pictures, and all pictures have meaning; we wouldn’t be able to interpret pictures if they had no meaning. Doubtless to say, we likely wouldn’t even have pictures if we didn’t first have meaning as their foundation, so therefore, we wouldn’t have dreams, and what those dreams mean for our futures would be baseless because we also wouldn’t have time. Everything in existence is based on meaning; without meaning, the world would be a blank canvas; there would be no pictures, so there would be no dreams. That’s why the world of a nihilist is blank (perhaps dark) and lifeless; no meaning equals no reality. The definition of meaning, and what it truly means to mean something, is a question for another time, however.

  • I will be breeding Caligos, and hopefully half of Asuri, depending on whether or not I decide it’s best to preserve the rest of my egg tokens left over from Caligos. The goal is to shoot up to Lumestry for the Arcanum hut eggs that he offers so that I can make it into the safe zone (Artisan tier, where I should no longer be oppressed in fortification events by the weight of Builders Hut Eggs).

No unless we use them as inspiration.

Arcanum and maybe a little artisan research depending on the nodes and costs


Idk man I had a dream where I pulled a dead chick out of a river on my way to Eskimo class in high school and she came back to life and another where I talked to Green Day about what cheese is the best. And another where I got to join Dreadnought, the world’s most prestigious show choir, as the rainbow attack unicorn. I couldn’t keep up with the choreography, though. If any of that is my future I’ll crap my pants and sell them on ebay.

The next one on the list idk.


What exactly is a dream :thinking: lol
Much conjecture on that alone.
I will say I do not think they offer a glimpse of the future……not a answer of what’s to come exactly…………

I believe they are built from the subconscious mind or what i call my “I” or my immortal higher self which is sometimes known as the inner child.

Dreams are used to wash the mind and clean the fluid in our brains from chemical buildup associated with daily thinking and the brain does this by stimulating the endocrine system with dreams that flood the sleeping body with chemicals that wash away the days chemical buildup.

And depending on the person sometimes you need nightmares and sometimes you need random odd dreams that stimulate fear and sadness and happiness and so forth.

And I believe the subconscious builds them from your stored memory of every waking moment of your life to maintain the chemical balance of the fluid around your brain which needs washing out daily.
Dreams are how we clean the mind….
As primitive as it is. Lol

I will say they provide a way for a humans subconscious to rise up and communicate with the conscious mind so occasionally the higher immortal self of pure awareness will try to communicate with you thorough symbolism and that is where the idea of dreams predicting the future arise from….

Everyone is looking for a answer in their dreams!?
While the answer seems to be your goal it’s truly not :man_shrugging:
What you should seek in your dreams should be the question itself :rofl:
There’s more power in asking the correct question! :smiling_imp:

The power of pure awareness knows no bounds as it is how we find the question!

As for breeding
I will be doing research because my last monarch will be complete and research is all that’s left……and that’s why it was originally added…. :+1:


Q1 - Getting a déjà vu feeling I’ve seen this question before…

Q2 - Research

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It’s very easy to use encounter a scenario and connect it to a dream. Are they related? A solid chance no but we can misremember and tie the two together.

Will be breeding arcanum. Should be close to 3 this breed :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Looks like we are getting assault this week, or at least that’s what the in game mail says🤔

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@PGrdm @PGCarlos

Question about the new artisan archmage research. Since red and blue mage research works on archmages then will this archmage research work on normal red and blue mages or is it archmage only?


only wet dreams and Quilleth

Artisan research :eggtoken:


These costs vs gained buffs are getting to be insane. Nothing in this should have been more than 10 eggs. Also dumb that there wasn’t a diagonal path from DF HP to the archmage skill, who actually wants oculus research, especially at that cost.


What about the glyph in the limited time branch. Is it worth the sigils ?

It’s worth the sigils if you have Archmages on your base for its buffs to apply to. Plus, it’s the only exotic Archmage glyph we’ve received to date, and getting something while it’s exclusive (if it would ever benefit you) is always a nice move to make. The stats on it are +10% Red Archmage HP (primary) and +5% Blue Archmage HP (secondary), which helps a considerable amount; it would be a worthy investment if you had something to apply it to on your base. Even then, it would be worth taking for later if you had the sigils. I would say to go for it.

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They can sometimes. Someone in a troubled relationship, for instance, might start having nightmares about that relationship ending. Dreams like that can often predict future events.

I bred Washi, Narmak, and Caligos along with a tiny part of Amaruhk to get to the max prize. I’m excited about getting Amaruhk as my first Monarch dragon next month.


But what’s the line between “prediction” and your subconscious telling you “broski you gotta gooooooo”


The Artisan tier research is Archmage only

booo :-1:t2: :-1:t4:

Launchpad McQuack :rofl: :rofl: its been years