Unearthed - Week 6 - Fortification

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to Imperivm92 of the Creators Faction.


  • The new tower, the Charge Volt Tower, will be released this event.


  • Why do you think it is that humans possess views that conflict with those of others, and what do you think that says about the human mind as a driving force?
  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answers:

  • The viewpoints of humans tend to deviate from each other quite a lot, which comes as no surprise given how our species has both evolved and adapted. I firmly believe in the likelihood that there isn’t an ounce of compatibility anywhere in the world, in any form, and that every living being (plant, animal, human-animal, and likewise) has a unique spark that sets them apart from all others of their kin.

Imagine a person in a wild forest warmly embracing a Red Junglefowl, when a hermit comes along and tries to steal the bird from under their nose. To the hermit, the live chicken (a wild chicken, might I add) may be a fresh and theoretically easy meal, but to the one comforting the junglefowl, it serves as a loyal companion worth fighting tooth and nail over to protect. One contender (the hermit) may be on the verge of dying of an insufferable hunger with no other alternative but the chicken—the junglefowl—before them, while the other has made a friend they want to spend time with. (Which isn’t weird at all; human-animal relations kindle long-lasting bonds.) Is the hungry one wrong for lashing at the companion of its protector, or is its protector wrong for gatekeeping a vital food source from someone who could die at any moment? What is the significance of the conflict between the two viewpoints? How did this conflict even begin, and is its happening really reasonable or is there only one plausible solution that puts the entire conflict to shame?

On a fishing trip, someone may want to catch and release, while another contests that person’s desire by showing that all they want out of it is a meal. Which party is morally right and which is morally wrong? Is the future of the fish really negotiable, or does it have any value in its ecosystem that detracts from the negative? What are the reasons that each party has for upholding each end of the debate?

So you see, from an analytical standpoint, many viewpoints have morals attached to them. For that reason, I arrive at the personal belief that there are only a handful of good ways to look at something, depending on what it is. I also believe that any viewpoint that is a clear detriment to the virtues of a person or an object paints a bad picture of the person who made the viewpoint (only if they don’t wish to shake it away), without necessarily making them “evil”.

That said, I believe that the fact that the human mind often conflicts with others of its kind reveals that the human mind is an autonomous force of human nature. The human mind functions as its own entity, and isn’t too easily swayed without being sternly impacted by another. Keeping that in mind, those who choose the path to be gullible might have a weakness somewhere in their system. (And no, I’m not insinuating stupidity.) The human mind is autonomous, and no two of its kind are alike, but all of its kind has one primary goal, which is to drive the vehicle that is their host to the light that is success; they just don’t do it in a uniform way. The human mind doesn’t take conflict from other minds that could sway it off of its own unique path, which is why it is more or less prone to being such an argumentative, hostile, or even defiant force when other minds confront it.

  • I will be going to level 530 from a starting point of level 525.

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow United States citizens who celebrate.

(I am a citizen, but my family doesn’t typically celebrate any holiday that commemorates this country. Given its squalid background, I don’t think I need to explain the reason for that.)




It’s a combination of things. Different viewpoints and growth have to happen for evolution to occur. It’s the whole Darwanism thing. If everyone always thinks the same things and clings to the same ideals for the past, say…246 years, then there is no room for growth to change and reflect the modern, more educated way of thinking. There is a time and place for tradition, but when tradition for the sake of nothing other than tradition is happening and stifling, there is also a time and place for adaptation.

There’s also a lot to be said for it is extremely difficult for a lot of people to 1) admit they are wrong, and 2) conceive of the possibility that they might be wrong. And lord knows people love to find arguments.

To quote Mark Twain since it seems to loosely tie in here: “Let us be thankful for the fools; but for them the rest of us could not succeed.”

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Man idk with my luck I’ll level backwards.

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  1. Why do humans possess conflicting views?

One could write a thesis on this topic. From a universal constant toward diversification to neural connections made as a result of sensory information. Then one could chime in and say that for humans as a species - differing views is a survival trait and a by-product of natural selection.

Human mind as a driving force?

The problem isn’t differing views, it is if one view somehow takes a dominant role and quashes the others. Far too many people believe others should act in conformity with their belief(s) and are willing to use the policing power of the state to enforce those beliefs. John Locke’s - A Letter concerning Toleration - deals with this principle. But this is an extremely inefficient way to use governmental resources and can lead to absurd outcomes.

Think of a canoe - if you want to get across a lake the most efficient way is to paddle alternately on the left and right. If one paddles only on one side it is a lot harder to achieve your goal (need to use more energy - energy that could have been spent on another endeavor).

Also, there is a benefit to a market place of ideas - a market with only one idea isn’t very functional. If people are using logic and reason (not fear and demagoguery) to filter good from bad ideas ideas - then having more to analyze is an asset.

  1. Which level am I striving for this Fort?

At my lvl - lvl 643 - you stop trying to reach a specific level. You let the road to 16m achievement points dictate your final resting spot.


Kind of a rough way to talk about your family. I’m sure your parents did the best they could

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There’s probably a thousand answers to this. It’s so many things, our experiences, how we are raised. As humans we are a fairly selfish species, we often look at a situation/a topic/the world in a way that pertains to ourselves. We often believe our own view of things is the right one because that is how it is to us personally. Many people lack empathy and the willingness to look at something from how it might be to someone else.

Im still debating though. I decided to change the plan I previously had and am thinking about building a Volt tower to see how it is. A lot of it though will depend on the state of the electrum tower and what (if anything) they’ve done to it.

Im a US citizen but I dont choose to celebrate it. I think it’s rather absurd to be celebrating freedom while the country is actively stripping freedom away from some of its citizens and violating its own constitution.


:timerbronze:Total costs to build the tower from 1 lvl to 145 lvl :timerbronze:


I love Bjorn’s new hat :joy:


Can i put a charge volt tower with 2 lightning towers…is super shot work ?

We’re all idiots.


I’d say it’s a matter of awareness or rather the lack awareness of pure correspondence and our own duality that leads humans to actually believe they are individuals……:man_shrugging:
And It’s all down hill from there! :rofl:

As for Fortification I will continue my endless push to 600 with the new lighting tower……

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Never mind, not going to debate politics on a game forum.

On topic, building something. Another new tower? Guess even PG has to adjust for inflation somehow……

Whatever level it takes to build the New Hidden Trap Tower [that can be moved anywhere on your base that traps attacking dragons for a period of time unless a Teammate comes to your rescue and sets you free!]

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My goal for this event is level 575. I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll build a Charge Volt tower or something else. I’ll have to expand beyond 12 max towers for my base level if I want to get to 575.


Reminder :man_construction_worker: :construction: :building_construction:

Player Level 628 642
XP to Level 422,000 200,070
Event Points 0 33,293,298
Clocks (days) 5,174.10 3,635.25

Looks menacing, but I’m taking a single flak from 91 to 145 using turrets to save embers. XP hole will be 36M.


The one QoL change that we need so badly is the ability to speed level a tower as long as we have the rss on hand. Trying to build a new tower from 1-145 is such a pain. 1015 taps per tower is absurd.


I would literally give my right nipple for this. My left went to the TR raid button.


:wave:t2: is it possible to get 50m points in fort and only go up 1 level :thinking:

If yes please show how to :man_bowing:

Merging/leveling wood towers to 85