Unearthed - Week 7 - Crystal Caves

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  • Credit for this poster goes to Tami of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • What force do you think has the power, or would have the power, to wipe every form of life from this planet forever?
  • Would the termination of guns and other weapons from this world be a good thing or a bad thing? In which way would the benefits outweigh the downfalls, or vice versa?

I think the only power that could destroy everything on earth would be something like the sun exploding.

If all weapons on this planet would be terminated, people would just invent other ways to harm people. Maybe the termination ofweapons would stop wars for a while but i think the human nature is build in such a way that they just come up with something new.



In short term it would be a good thing, but it would not be sustainable. People are extremely creative, and even when resources are not available, they will create ways to accomplish their goals. That truly goes for anything. Instruments have been made from trash as a last resort and desperation to create music. One doesn’t have to look hard to find weapons that have been created the same way. (Except not out of desperation to create music.)


Humans and we’re already in the process towards it as we kill this planet for our own greed.

If you could magically just snap your fingers and all guns are gone then sure, that would be a good thing but unless you could do it that way then it wouldn’t happen. You may be able to rid guns from the honest but you’d never be able to remove them from the criminals/potential criminals who have them already. From the start, guns should have been something that was incredibly difficult to obtain for citizens. You never should have been able to go into a store and buy them

The problem though is that even if all guns magically vanished we would just create something else to replace them


The poster has a trading post is Reginald back with his 40 kids trying to sell his wares again?


Guns and other weapons

Almost anything can and has been used as a weapon therefore the only way to remove them all would be to remove all life from the planet, which leads to your first question.

In which case, it would take an act of God to remove all life from the planet forever. Or the planet exploding, or another planet/asteroid/comet colliding with Earth, which are…… acts of God :man_shrugging:

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Trading posts…

It says that on the poster tho

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If you actually sit and think of all the ways life can be ended, it becomes very disheartening. Natural disasters, cosmic events, made made turmoil, and infinite more that we may not even consider. We really just need to enjoy the time we have because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

First, anything can be a weapon. People have been killed with clothing irons, trophy’s, food. So eliminating weapons would solve nothing. Weapons also have uses other then harming people. Hunting is a way people provide food and help conserve wildlife.


:frowning: It is worthy to mention in news tap… unless we already know that all trading posts this time will have sh1t value…

Isnt this a given at this point?


:thinking: There always have been good deals in all trading posts on at least one of the days, though… :no_mouth:

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1.Gamma Ray burst, a rogue black hole or planet that exerted enough gravity to move earth out of its orbit, if the earths magnetic field just stopped, and can’t forget rogue nano technology. Then there is a possibility that physical laws change - law of gravity, motion, thermodynamics - or - those of chemistry. Tweak with these life couldn’t exist. But the best answer is just plain old time. Time eventually wins out.

  1. Way to extensive of a question to answer here. Depends on what u mean by weapons really? But will leave this - if nuclear weapons didn’t exist I would feel a whole lot better. One can a trite they are good for deterrence purposes - but the possibility of their accidental use and destructive power overrides that positive. Plus, conventional weapons could be used as a deterrence.

As far as conventional guns and knives. The % of people killed by them is so small - will just leave it at that.


Did they change the schedule again? Last one was Team Gauntlet so this one should have been Temple Raid?

Last week should have been CC but we got TG instead. There basically is no schedule anymore

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Schedules are overrated. Overthrow authority. Fight the establishment. Question everything.


But I like schedules and planning :pleading_face: :sob:


So I guess we shouldn’t assume we are back on track? :rofl:


PG: Hold my gluten-free, vegan, all natural, herbal, dairy-free, non-alcoholic mocktail……

Old pattern: caves, gauntlet, pits, temple - alphabetical
New pattern: temple, pits, gauntlet, caves? - reverse alphabetical?