Unearthed - Week 8 - Breeding

My humble apologies for the delay; I have my reasons, most of which are bad news to be kept confidential, but I can however reveal that I’ve kept pretty busy in my personal life and have had little time for things like this. Here is your scoop for the week; I have not forgotten!

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • The Spell Rider, Aithne will be released alongside this event.


  • Why do some people stay constantly in the face of things they hate or know are hurting them?
  • Which dragons, if any, will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • I believe the culprits are delusion, denial, and overreaching amounts of enchantment. When one is numb to the aura of a snake (delusion), one then succumbs to its venom; if they can’t smell a rat (delusion), they may as well be the rat, and if they’re the rat, they’re in danger of the snake lurking within the shadows; furthermore, if they think they can smell a rat (delusion), yet they stay in the zone of the rat (denial), they are still the rat. And to clear this metaphor up, when I say, “snake”, I’m referring not solely to humans, but to objects and circumstances as well; when I say, “rat”, I’m referring to the unsuspecting victim of the snake (the dangerous occurrence/entity), rather than any random scoundrel (which is the basic and universally accepted definition of “rat”, apart from the animalistic type); this doesn’t include when I say, “smell a rat”, which is a phrase in the New Oxford American Dictionary that quite literally defines as “suspect trickery or deception”. Let’s hope that makes sense.

We say that salt is identical to sugar all the time as a way to emphasize the importance of being cautious in how we take action, especially when two or more factors are involved in the situation. Most people taste the salt and immediately exchange it for sugar, but a delusional person would take it a step further and stay inside of the “salt zone” in hopes that their intransigence would yield the same results as if they were to have chosen the sugar; this may be because they believe that salt zone has something special to offer them that the sugar zone somehow couldn’t, or something else. This salts-and-sugars perspective could also apply to someone who has stepped into the realm of the salt by pure choice, seen and marveled at what it had to offer, and refused to believe any greater reality if they were to turn back and choose the sugar realm: a feat of enchantment, rather than delusion. Likewise, someone in denial would choose to be a warrior and bear the brunt of the salt realm in disbelief of its potency because they believe it has a golden ticket waiting somewhere to be taken from it, but deep down, they know that the realm has an adverse affect on them.

One thing is for certain in light of all of this: whichever way the story twists, when one has been numbed—to venom, to salt, or to anything else for that matter—it can be hard for them to turn back.

  • I hope to breed a fragment (i.e. a part, not as in: a single mystic fragment) of Lumestry, my final Arcanum dragon. This transition from Arcanum to Artisan will be rough and rugged, but I’m ready to take the bull by the horns and ride the final rodeo into being an end-tier player (as bland as players often say it is). :partying_face:

Firstly I hope everyting is ok with you.

Often they convince themselves it will get better. Things will improve, it’s only temporary, it’s not usually like this, etc etc. Basically our relationship with PG :sweat_smile:
Also often it can be that people dont know of any other options to replace it.

700k into artisan eggs. SUUUUPER EXCITING. But then again I guess it will be if tier 21 ends up being another turd tier and we dont want to waste eggs on any of the dragons.


Either living an a dream world, or dreaming for a better future.

Anything but Chunk. No Chunk :triumph:




Speaking personally from a couple of different things, both work and personal…hope that it gets better, tricking yourself into thinking the issue is you, trying to be a “good friend” because good friends don’t give up on their friends, right?, convincing yourself that the way things are is normal, holding on to the one or two good things and trying desperately to make them outweigh the 30 terribles… take your pick. I’m sure there’s more.

Man idk you always ask the hardest question second it’s rude


Burn the witch! For she hates chunk!
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Hope everything is okay and or get better for you jalen.

Some people like the rush. Kind of like why people enjoy those extreme haunted houses that you NEED to sign a page stating you wont sue them. Humans are curious yet stupid creatures. We know things arent good for us maybe it be physical, mental, or emotional and yet we still do that thing.


If were talking about relationship abuse, and sorry for those that this might trigger, some times those that are being abused are “brain washed” to stay with their abuser. That or theyre scared if they leave their abuser, that person will come after them.

So to answer the question, it can be out of fear or for enjoyment

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Are we talking specifically about War Dragons, or…


Given how expensive research is these days and the heavy inflation on new tiers its a valid concern.

Since this new 4 dragon tier format we have even less choice and less viable dragons than before.

Only 3 out of 8 have been viable :frowning:

Hope all is well with you.

As someone who works in the mental health field this question has an enormous amount of answers.

Working on arcanum mythic. Basically pushing the boulder uphill. :joy:

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May I check why is exotic lightning branch around?
Shouldn’t it be next week? :pig::expressionless:


May I remind you the fine print and T&C that “subject to CHANGES” :speak_no_evil:

LOL, yeah and so always bear in mind when something good came in trading post and when we happily exchanged most of our sigils, we must be careful that the next week, although by RIGHT, there is nothing planned, we may have something brought forward to make sure the game survive $$$.

Luckily I still can manage. :joy: So more like just feeling deceived.

No dragons left to breed, but I just finished my garnet, emerald, obsidian researches.


OMG I’m Breeding Lamestry - not another worthless Invoker! Please, someone just shoot me! I’m all against gun violence but please put an end to my misery I beg of you!

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Anyone have the stats on the exotic lightning glyph that popped up?


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Thanks. Think I’ll use the sigils elsewhere.

Next event is :dog2::dog2::dog2: