Unethical PG and War Dragon Team Practice


Examples of support replies in a similar vein - I’m 100% these are all templated responses for them to use:

“I’m very sorry about this. However, I am unable to compensate you for this issue at this time. As much as we would like to compensate players for any issue that arises, because we do want everyone to be happy, it cannot always be done. Unfortunately, throwing compensation at the issue normally does not fix the situation. Experience has shown that throwing compensation out every time a situation arises is a bad idea. We will continue working on this issue and more to make War Dragons an enjoyable game for all! We apologize again for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

Crap - I just realised I haven’t actually raised that many tickets for compo! :rofl: The above was the only example I could find. :thinking: I think I need to get better at raising these tickets in future.


We’ve all got these issues…

This isn’t a one, two or even three time thing. I know a lot of players (including myself) are tired of dealing with your “support” who refuse to fix issues almost point blank.


My dear, you really need to do something with Zendesk, because they are really terrible at what they are doing:

Not reading the tickets properly
Using irrelevant response templates with the line added:

If this doesn’t address your issue, please let us know.

Their lack of knowledge of the game they are supposed to support is only surpassed by the ability of lying.

I used to work for Customer Support - we supported 1000+ clinical studies, worldwide, nothing major - and Zendesk’s first level support is pathetic.


Do you have a time frame that this will be looked at?



Or that is my guess. :man_shrugging:


It’s being looked at now. We are modifying the processes that our support team will run under based on their recent responses to tickets in the queue.


I, along with team members, have also gotten the exact same response on a different issue. While I’m pretty happy with the game, if I have reason to contact the help desk I just want to throw my phone at the lack of anything even remotely helpful transpiring.


This is the first I have heard of this problem. Guess I don’t spend enough time on forums… So I am going to open a ticket as I spent almost 800 12 hr timers as I put Tanok on early and spend almost thousands of 3hr timers as I had saved up to do major remodel of my base. if I lost 5% of my timers, that’s many weeks of timers.