Unfair on the part of pocket gems

My game was on 3 hrs now and never got an email saying event has started but by this time I was attacked 7 times leaving me with no food. I asked my team mates and they said yes it started so I have to start over the game to get an email. I have good connection as chats were flowing as normal both team chat and league chat and this is very poor service on pocket gems part. Shame on you pg

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You had team chat and league chat open for 3 hours and nobody on your team told you that the event had started?

Shame on your team.


We have 19 online only 2 got email it they realized late also as they were doing regular runs

You guys just need to be more alert. 19 online and no one realised. And then when it started no one bothered to tell the team. Hahahaha funniest thing I’ve read today.

Find a better team would be my advice.


How do you know they had 19 online

Are you the ominous big bird :eyes:

Mwahahahahaha yes I’m omniscient! Fear me!

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Oh my goodness. I’m a bat. Can’t see. Don’t mind me :joy:


Pro tip of the day. FoC for you!

@ group (no space) in TC sends out a team wide notification in chat. Use that next time to broadcast messages.


Instead of waiting for the mail, try to remember the time when an event is usually start. The others won’t be far from the time.

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Since event like this (and also Fortification) dont have the exact time of start (although there is an “ideya when to start”) maybe PG should initiate a reboot/force restart when the event is up.

Quick fix since his had not been look into, would be like the other replies to look for another team, etc, etc. But if you are a “silent type” and the “Dont want to be bothered person” maybe try restarting/refreshing the game every 20 minutes. One way I suspect the game started is when the defense/attack invites becomes frequent than usual.

:thinking: I wonder if it’s necessary.
Mine didn’t need a restart iirc.

I actually have the same issue which I think is ridiculous… why can’t pg notifications come thru on a timely basis ?? I wind up staring at line groups to see them post it’s live as well as constantly restarting my game … if we can’t have a regular start time at least let us get a mail notification or even the event tab pop up when the event starts not when we reboot game

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5-10 minutes ok!
But 3 hours? I don’t even know how that’s possible?

I hate the lag of the event of having to exit and come back and if you don’t realize fast enough you can be raided for a lot.

But 3 hours? Don’t wait for an email! Sorry buddy but That long isn’t on PG that’s on you and your team.

Then you are a special one. I always need to restart to see the event icon/fortress.

I actually had to wait and exit out of my game and reload for mine to come through. Granted every time I leave the game I do a complete exit (I have an iPhone so I just close the app out from the apps). I knew the general time it started 4 CST (which would be 2 PST) it didn’t start at that time so I waited 15 minutes then it started. Sometimes you just have to reload the game for it to come through. I don’t go by the in mail messages anyways I go by the little event button on the left-hand side with the countdown until the event ends.

True 3 hours is a little much but hey it’s happened before :scream:

And I couldn’t log in for some time after attempting to restart the game

Only if chat notifications are on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, if you don’t have your chat notifications turned on, that’s on you, not your team :laughing:

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