Unfairness with Beta Event Atlas

Thank you for new event Atlas. I really appreciate this new changes in game. This is really good and keeps us play the game. But one thing is bothering me. This Atlas came to upper leagues but as we are in Sapphire 3 We can not play it, try it, and win prizes for it. So this makes bigger difference between higher leagues and lower leagues. We also want to feel important and this game is not only about Diamond League. There are other teams in lower leagues with players online around 10 hours in a day and loving the game.

Thank you in advance for your response.


It will be rolling out to you soon. With luck, if all goes well, maybe in about 2-3 weeks is the whispers I’ve heard.

Have you seen how much land they are adding? Diamond teams can’t hold all of that. you’ll get some soon.

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And when they add platinum? Seriously. I mean holding huge portions are costly even to the best teams. I think the map will be HUGE then. So well prepped teams right now should have a great chance.

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They’ll be able to hold anything of value.

Doubt it. The next addition of land coming this week looks to be more than double of the amount of land there is now available. As it is now, even if you take the top 25 spending teams, I doubt they could hold all of the current land.

If things keep opening up like this (more land in the masses) then I think even the weakest teams will be able to find a place they can hold.

The first year of beta was ~51 teams cramped in a space so obviously at points where the bigger spending teams felt to open wallets there was going to be constant turnover of land.

However, looking at the next addition of land coming this week, it’s trully too massive just for the the top and most active teams to hold.

Idk, looking at how much NMO owned at one point…they might try?

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haha well we will trade it all for one of your level 5 areas Panda… want to trade?

We can talk prices :smiley:

I’m happy to be corrected monkey but remember you guys have been fighting within yourselves. Depleting your own fleets as they were and now armies. Once it opens up I’d suspect you’ll stop pounding each other and go for the valuable territories outside of where you are now. Giving the little guys little chance of gaining and holding anything of value.

I don’t really care as I don’t play a lot these days, just pointing out how skewed the system is and how as a whole I suspect it’ll be a detriment to the game.

You might be right. But when new teams get theirs hands on some better areas (or in my case if panda agree to a trade) I can’t see teams like mine going through the effort or risk of spreading ourselves too thin to keep all these level 1 territories we currently own once we have a few higher level areas.

After today Good luck getting Atlas if your not in Dimond or have had Beta…

Pg tells us we get atlas today then at last sec pull it right out from under our feet… Good Job PG :clap::clap: pfff… what a good way to make ppl pissed, well more pissed than they already were.

Better to delay and get a smoother experience than a buggy one earlier… the dust will settle eventually :see_no_evil:

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They’ve been saying this since literally the beginning. This was always a possibility.

PG knew it had bugs… dont even say your going to give it out and build hype and then destroy that feeling. Its bull**@$, just dont say anything untell its fixed. *Oh wait its not ever gonna be so we shouldnt hold our breath any more…

One issue is I see with the Atlas…when you look at the amount of work, for what exactly? Its a ton of effort for what amounts to very little


I think people would have been even more angry if went through with the addition of the new batch of teams, and found out that bugs blocked their tutorial and how to even begin navigating the map. You’re absolutely right that it’s a terrible feeling to be told that access would come today, but to then not get it. The bugs we encountered did not appear in testing. It wouldn’t make sense for us to launch something, full aware of the bugs, just so we can create a huge mess for ourselves to clean up. It was a tough call, but at the end of the day, putting the expansion on-hold is the right thing to do towards a smoother onboarding experience for our new Explorers. Sorry for the frustration!

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So what’s an approximate ETA on us getting in? This week? Next week? Next month? Preface it with at this time we expect x to be the timeline. We will update with further info when we know more.

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Well its the same. You held our entry into atlas and let lesser teams in with lower ranking in before us, when we finally got in our tutorial was all messed up still so i dont think holding off on letting everyone in at the same time really did any good but piss off alot more ppl… i do understand that it would have been a total f***ing mess to fix, but in the end the tutorial was still messed up for us also…

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