Unhire Castle Guards Suggestion

I think that there needs to be a way to unhire castle guards. In our case one of our members dumped half of our troop reserve into 1 castle and we cannot undo it. In other cases any pissed off member in charge of a castle can go and dump all troop reserves into 1 castle disabling any team for quite a while until they build their numbers back up. Please make it so that leaders can atleast go and reverse this or something?


The problem with this suggestion is how it can be abused. If a team gets a message that their castle is about to be attacked by…let’s say Dreadnought, then what’s stopping a leader from just hiding the castle guards in an invisible barracks and surrendering the territory? What’s also stopping a leader from migrating all of the castle guards for…20 castles into one castle defense?

PG’s responses on similar threads of officer abuse/mistakes has basically been “put only people you trust in those decisions/positions”.


Normally if someone has an officer position it is because they are trusted and have been part of the team for a while. Do not give an officer position to someone without integrity. Problem solved! Seriously it can be abused

I disagree with the premise of the OP on why this should be allowed but I do see where it could be beneficial for teams to allow to move castle guards around with restrictions on their movement.

I would suggest allowing them to be moved but only after they have been stationed at the current castle for 7 days. You could put a timer on the time it takes for them to pack up and move to a new castle. one hour, 2, 4? Both of these suggestions would limit the ability to move troops to a castle under immediate attack but would allow teams to move guards around as needed for new threats, new lands, etc.

@pgEcho was this ever discussed?


For Tier 4 land, you should have a Marshal, as that base will be used instead of the AI base for the Castle Guards. In this case, the best base isn’t always an officer, but that Marshal can hire troops.

This is a great idea

do you know who is on the early bird atlas team? Maybe we can ping them and they can bring it up with PG directly since we got no response here.

@Spooky @Gox1201 @EidolonRM and… @Grumpybigbird? Right?

perhaps you need forensic scientist to help you figure out who else is in the group? Maybe help bring your game to the (a)tops


anyone know about this?

that support person is dead wrong.


thats what i thought…

Afaik castle guards cannot be moved or unhired.

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It has been discussed and could be discussed more, however there are much more pressing issues at the moment. And I believe Dave is on vacation and Echo has a ton on his plate.

It is intentional that the people you appoint as officers and other positions are trustable. (Although certainly the Marshall being the the base that defends you might be reason for changes as your best defense may not be trustable, although littler teams have tiny towers and we are told castle guards aren’t intended to allow you to leave a castle without primarchs on it)

I personally think some mechanic could be added to grant flexibility while avoiding abuse. I just doubt it will make the priority list for a good while.

right i understand that. the question was it ever discussed about moving them when they were brought up? see my proposal quoted below:

I think support is confused and heard you can deploy castle guards anywhere and thought that meant they could defend anywhere.

Whenever you summon them they stay until destroyed… they cannot guard other castles once appointed.

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The introduction of Castle Guards was intended by PG to promote a more dynamic attacking environment. Castle guards do this in two ways:

  • They free up player troops for attacking (reduce hoarding)
  • They give players an NPC target to attack (increase opportunity)

The ability to “Uhhire” Castle Guards undermines these objectives, and I doubt PG will take the time to respond here, or anywhere else on this issue.

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The irony is that the non marshal base is so crap anyway that teams still need to park primarchs for defence :man_shrugging:

I don’t see why castle guards can’t be moved.
In a war you send your army to a place you’re under attack. Sometimes this weaken your territory at other places but to control the current threat you’re willing to take the chance.

Why can’t castle guards be sent from one castle to another? It could take 20 minutes like rss transfers to prevent the 1 troop thing and have a cap on how many you send per transfer.

I mean, you have an army of troops. How you use them should be in your hands. This will also help with troops placed by mistake (new teams are also still learning and making 1 mistake can cost them a lot)

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Free movement of Castle Guards between castles is a very contentious mechanic which could potentially devalue the goals behind Castle Guards. We are considering certain situations that would allow converting Castle Guards back into Team Glory at-a-loss so that they can be reallocated, but details for it have not been fully ironed out yet.