UnitedinHonor (8/8; 5/5) looking for active members

:fleur_de_lis: Heyhey Dear Dragon Lady/Dragon Lord! :fleur_de_lis:

I see you are lurking…
Are you someone, who is highly Atlas driven? Are you someone, who likes to smash events? Do you like to surround yourself with crazy people, who are as addicted to this game as you are? Look no further!

We are a very competitive bunch of feisty finger-fighter champions, who always go for the first place! We have a 24/7 coverage team, with members all around the world, you will never be alone! We have several players, who continuously score globally ranked and the team as a whole always gets 1st place on events and scores top10 globally in Atlas.

Our team offers minimum 2500 sigils every week (8/8 and 5/5 is always a must!), 25+ castles including T4s of all elements (daily 2.7K tokens) free sniping, and cg swaps so you won’t be bored during pvps either.

We require you to reach (and hopefully exceed) 8th mark, all quests done and 300k ENEMY kills/month minimum in Atlas.

Shoot me a msg if interested :wink:


We do stuff :relieved:


Prove it :thinking:

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Trust me they do 1st place every event that’s something, strategy, and Atlas activity for example Seiges sometimes


Ask your leader, he can :kissing_heart:


i like the wobbit in the KW map :heart::heart:


One possible spot open after this event😉

Fun fact I’ve seen these guys in league once and … it was bizarre.
Plus I’m being brutally honest

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I want to know more!

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If @Tinsir didn’t hold me hostage I’d consider it :eyes::joy:


I thought you’re in a committed relationship with @tinbru

Wait until you hear about burrito

We broke up, he hasn’t been the same since he joined. The team went to his head.

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Ah be quiet. You know why we broke up and what you did


@Tinsir does mimsir know about your relationship with dad :smirk:


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I thought the whole team is just 1 person with 50 phones


rofl nah you’re thinking of PANDANOUGHT

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Don’t give away team secrets :eyes:

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Lol who has that much money?
Edit: people who are maniacs for Pokemon Go in the picture though.