Universal Evolution Stones Branch

I’d like to see a seasonal branch consisting of “Universal” evolution stones to be used on past seasonal dragons. Sometimes it’s not always possible to earn every stone for a particular dragon. It’s a shame having to leave some of my favorite seasonal dragons in tiers far below my level.
I think it would be awesome to have a seasonal branch which allows you to allow us to keep leveling those older dragons. It seems reasonable to allow 1 stone of each tier per season. It would also be cool to be able to level dragons past the max tier when they were released (for example, Abyssal/Eldritch on dragons that only reach Empyrean).
I’d like to hear feedback on others’ thoughts on the concept of universal stones. I’d also appreciate a response from PG to let us know whether or not such a thing would be possible/plausible.


Hello, thank you for joining in on the discussions of this online community. The question you are asking has been asked many times before. It is only natural to feel a sense of sadness and regret when you must finally retire a trusted dragon who has served you faithfully through many battles.

It is also natural to see other players flying amazing dragons and want to be able to obtain that dragon for yourself. However, divine dragons are meant to be collector’s items that are available only for a limited time. Allowing these dragons to be obtained outside of the season or limited time event that they were originally available for would belittle the effort and money that older players put into obtaining the dragons when they were first released. Effort and money that were expended with the understanding that this was the only chance they would have at obtaining these dragons.

Here are some quotes by PG employees in regards to this very issue.

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