Universal Evolution Stones

It would be nice if those that work at War Dragons would open the doors to some kind of universal evolve stone. Maybe a once season, one of the branches could lead to a universal stone as a prize.

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You might want to search this topic. It has been posted on many, many times

Such a unique idea! Let’s do it guys!


ANOTHER ONE THAT DIDN’T SPEND TIME TO SEARCH. God no. The answer will always be NO. Search before posting pls
Mod @ModMat or @Psarus pls close this

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Wow, it’s been like 30 minutes since we had a post like this? :sweat_smile:
I was really getting some hope that people had given up on the idea…
Still against it though. Sorry! :hugs:

Use the search button.
Nobody wants it, at least nobody who has played for quite a while
Please no
This is a terrible
creative” idea