Universal runes


Can we have universal runes?
These runes will come in as ammo count runes, HP runes, attack runes, and spell runes.
Spell runes will have two sub classes: duration and damage

I think this simplify the runes and also benefit players too.


No, it hurts PG’s wallet :rofl:
Well, seriously speaking, I would say if runes are actually that useful, I would say players will rather spend more trying to open silver chests.


I mentioned in my changes video to make runes customable. So lets say you have the main modifier like we do now, but the secondary modifier can be changed. Like a rune crafting system or PG can have pre-made ones that you can get. It would be kinda like the way Tough Healing runes work which makes it so you take a reduced amount of damage while the spell is in effect. It gives you a bonus advantage based on what spell you use. Basically it would allow you to customize your dragon to the way you fly it. The effect a certain spell can give you could be almost anything.

Runes have potential to be a lot more of a strategic part of the game than it is now. Right now we just don’t have runes for new spells readily available and glyph in events are a joke. Would be nice to see a rune update. And for those who will say focus on fixing the game…they have had time to do that during the two years I have played and they haven’t. It is obvious that isn’t in thier plan for now…might as well make the game better in some ways lol.


It will be very hard since the spell codes is very complex. You might cause some unexpected bugs in your game stage


Yeah that’s true, but they went to college and got a degree for coding right? If other games do stuff way more complex, I think they could do it if they work on it.

And also you can say that with anything in this game lol. They changed the UI and the game was unplayable for some players and had so many problems for most…they always will have issues with coding.


Remember the rising Phoenix bug? Took them several months to have it fixed. So if this is introduced, we should expect at least a year to fix an Individual bug caused by ONE customized rune from ONE player :joy::rofl:


apparently i need 10 characters…


There are already 30% attack and hp boosts and now dragon riders that will provide that same type of bonus on a more permanent basis - I don’t see the need to add runes that do this as well. And what would be the difference between a 30% damage rune and a spell damage increase rune? The 30% boosts increase both regular and spell damage - so there really doesn’t need to be that distinction either. And how would duration work universally? how would you increase the duration of a fireball spell? Because of the unique mechanisms of spells, runes really need to be tailored to them to make them effective. What I’d really like to see is runes for all the new spells. The only runes I really use anymore are rage and wisdom.

  1. Attack and HP boosts can always be used on dragons, plus, these runes can also be used on towers. Runes would likely give smaller boosts. It’s your choice to boost dragon raw power or its spells.
  2. Spell damage is based on dragons HP, so a damage boost to spell will modify that. A spell will do (X+ 5)% of HP for damage with a 5% spell damage boost.
  3. Every spell in the game has either time element or damage element. Duration will effect any spell with time element ( cloak, shield, heated breath), and damage will effect spells with damage. It’s your call to equip the right rune. That is duration rune will NOT help fireball, and damage rune will NOT help cloak. Spells like Explosive shield will benefit from both runes though.
  4. That’s why I want the runes to change. It’s too hard or impossible to find runes for the right spell. If PG makes changes like I have suggested, most of spells can benefit.


I guess I have a different perspective. I have over 1000 unused runes covering every spell and 700 unopened silver chests. I want useful runes for the dragons I have. I have never had a problem getting the right runes for the spells, unless of course the rune just didn’t exist. Once they finally release new runes I’ll redeem the chests until I have what I need.
I also find that arranging the proper combination of runes is strategic and more engaging vs just adding blanket bonuses. There is far less strategy if one rune just increases all your spells’ damage or all your spells’ duration and you don’t need to be as selective on which runes you use.


Would be nice to have but will never happen. Like you said, it’s to much work for PG. I’m hoping PG will introduce some new runes no matter what they are! Not in the runic chests that are way overpriced


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