Unlocking The Team Honors

I recently found out that several team honors will not remain unlocked if you get them once. This confused me, aren’t the honors supposed to show that, this is something we as a team accomplished? And then as a result, work as advertisement for new recruits? If they aren’t permanent, then whats the point. I mean, with the exception of Leader and Strong Leadership, the other 6 are fairly easy to obtain with enough work. So I guess it’s not that troublesome to get again, but why not keep it in the first place?

Which ones?

One of them is Recruiters, which is reaching 50/50 players in the team. Not sure about any others.

Oh yah. Well recruiters is pretty obvious why. If you don’t have 50/50 members then you don’t have the requirements.

But when you do get 50 and then lose a player, you also lose the honor. It’s the same with High Engagement, and I’d imagine Strong Leadership and Leader too. The Recruiters honor seems useless though, since there are at least 2 other places you can see the number of teammates a team has on the same page, but I digress. If we don’t get to keep the honor, then what’s the point of it all?

So if u reached 50/50 and then dropped to 30/50 u expect to keep the badge? Is that what ur saying? :joy:

Yes, we earned the badge, and should keep it as a result. If it’s not there to show potential recruits what we’re capable of, then what’s the point?

50/50 badge isn’t showing ur capable of much man :joy:
Eh I don’t see the problem here.

I never really look at the team honors. There’s more important indicators of how a team is doing. Activity level, levels and amounts of members, team intro, etc. :t_rex:

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