Unobtainable Lineage Dragon

I have a question and a proposal (a minor one)

  1. Are Dodopyyr and Donivalis still available through normal breeding?
  2. As we all know, Ochre is no longer available through normal breeding (perhaps possible using egg fragment). Why won’t all unobtainable lineage dragons be moved under Divine section? IIRC, Donivalis is available through Dodo and Dodopyyr, and it’s in the Divine section. Therefore, it may help some people to know whether a dragon is really available or not.

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They are not lineage dragons. They are divine dragons that where available by breeding. Still I can’t really say why they are in the lineage section of the castle seems odd.

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Dodo and Dodopyyr are lineage dragons and are obtainable through normal breeding - BUT dodopyyr is only during certain breeding events.

You’ll know if it’s relevant to the current breeding event as a banner will appear each time you log in.

The same applies to Dodopyyr except he counts as a divine. Still only breedable during certain breeding events.

Hext + Etzel = Dodo
Ruma + Enki = Dodopyyr
Yersinu + Hugin = Dodopyyr

These dragons were in fact released as divines.


They aren’t divines now.

The fact that they are only available during limited periods makes them divines.

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Plus, Dodo can be bred at any time. You just have to manually select the parents in the breeding tab at the castle.

I’m pretty sure that being Divine, makes them Divine.

Ok so if they were released as divines then they are divines. Why are we still talking about this then.

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I get the confusion… It’s like the divine dragons (for those who started later) that can be bred, but since you cannot obtain the parents, it’s a little too easy to misunderstand.

But just ask. Plenty of people around who are willing to help.

Who cares?

I got them both and wish I hadn’t wasted the tokens, and they do nothing for me, and I’d be farther ahead in the sapphire ridiculousness.

They suck, and they are evolutionary dead ends.


Especially since they turned Thunderstorm to a red spell.

Dodpyrr was at least kind of useable until that happened.

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It’s already a pain to waste tolkens with the lineage sorcerer’s, just don’t bother. Right now I’m happy having a free sorcerer roster :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Dodo dodopyyr and donivalis suck right now…

And always will.

Because they are NOT divides. You can breed them any time…function first…

It never fails to amaze me how threads go from Question to Answer to general off-topic chit-chat usually stemming from some overly cynical comment.

Guess I need to wait for the staff’s confirmation.

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