Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)

Here is my most recent project ive been developing. It involves ultilizing all 3 perch towers each with a rider and tower gear.




Bonus: storm hp & fire turret attack

Current stack:

Basically heres my plan;

  • 7th island (3rd perch) has enervating runes with warrior hp buff on towers to slow down dragons damage output.

  • 6th island has weakening runes + mages to drain rage. Poison duration lasts 15seconds with supershot and research completed.

  • 5th island (2nd perch) is my shotgun island. Dark and Fire flak both ready to greet a poisoned dragon that has all damage increased which is dealt to dragon while poisoned.

  • Mid stays same essentially being geared for the kill when 2nd dragon comes rolling on through the corner.

  • 1st perch and home island are set up as best i could to help counter a 5 flame war attack.

Here is a little sample of one of my earlier tests of this strategy.

Im of course leaving this thread open to all opinions and even though i already know what most will be i still welcome any belief one might have as long as the discussion is healthy.

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I like the full use of game strategy. To many sheep with nearly identical short bases.


Interested to see how this strategy works in real war scenarios or if someone could leave a level 9 ballista up front as an anchor point


Me too. I would be interested in setting up a skirmish if you are interested

Possibly, we can chat about it on PMs.

The only concern with a setup like this is the fact that you very easily could have had level 52 or higher towers and now you are limiting yourself to level 43 max with buffs that bring their power levels up to the level 45 range (+2 levels ish for +20% attack AND +20% hp) so it really doesn’t seem like you may be reaping the same benefits as just upgrading each level.


I would say it’s probably worth try if you had all Lev 60 towers. Otherwise I am not sure if it’s worth it.
I see a storm tower Lev 6 which tells me dragon won’t be poisoned long enough.
That being said, theoretically it’s still not too convincing in wars.

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True, i have considered this and weighed it against the path i am currently on. I acknowledge the strength that high towers posses but personally i enjoy the flexability i feel when changing or adapting to the constant evolution of this game.

Main drawback i see is all the items required to boost each island :joy:

And don’t forget punch packed by supershots in defended bases . One mistake could mean game over if DF fires.even Lev 50 vs 43 is Huge AF difference

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personally i’d go with a 20 tower defense until they are maxed out and use two perches… but that’s just me

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I melted a lvl 59 Eq on 2nd perch shotgun island in clip, not poisoned.

Poison will last 15seconds if supershot from any lvl ballista lands

Yup as long as you have weighed each tower level giving +10% attack and +10% hp vs the shear amount of shards and scrolls required to get each of these perches fitting then I can’t fault you for having a different opinion.

I hope your strategy proves to be effective for you and your teams uses, i’m hesitant to recommend it to my team until you are able to prove reliable and accurate results in a war type situation with defenders who don’t know tower levels on your base or where to boost.

PM me if you want to try to set up a few attacks sometime this coming week to test out your base :+1:


Honestly i wouldnt recommend this to anyone unless they have full knowledge of the mechanics…and even then, im fishin in the dark right now so cant recommend regardless lol

You have 3 riders to spare? Lucky guy lol

Defender rider and then the recent ice rider Tor i only spent a cpuple hundred sigils on specifically to perch lol so yeah i can part with sorcerer rider lol

My ideal dragons perched would be mehaten on 3rd with apophet on 2nd and any Mythic Wind sorcerer on 1st

Does anyone even know if enervating and weakening runes actually work? Cause its heartbreaking to put so much thought into every possible action and all of it be in vain because nothing works as its described…

Even if they did, you would get what, maximum 30% damage reduction for 3-5 seconds while poisoned? Shouldn’t hurt a dragons ability to kill the other level 10 towers on those islands and he will be all healed up and back to full strength for your “shotgun” island

I would love 30% reduction along with totem and perch debuff, yes plz!

Only purpose is to provide a self sustaining debuffer to slow down dragon just long enough to allow my shots to que on storm, mages and ballista…

That ballista will poison dragon for 15sec while it travels to shotgun perch and then imagine 2 highest dps blasting away at a poisoned dragon.

Yes it matters, at least to me.

I see what you are trying to do here, but there are a few things i think are not beneficial here:

  • The dragon picks off your two ice turrets ASAP when entering the map, defenders don’t have time to apply those supershots yet. They then pick off your small blue mage and L18 ballista with 1 shot each.
  • You have a L9 ballista that will be left 100% of the time at the front, does this affect people attacking you in wars do you think?
  • How many legendary enervating runes do you have? Total % reduction? Do you have a reference for their duration? I was under the understanding they lasted while the dragon was poisoned only, not 15 seconds
  • Leaving that L9 ballista means that hunters will be able to shoot and kill your mage before the dragon is within range. Even with supershots you can pick off all 5 rear towers on the front island from a distance without ever being hit even by an ice flak which has the longest range in the game. This renders your mage drain useless and all of those supershots wasted

So by now, you have used 1 or 2 supershots on your ballistas, and a few on your mages. Now they leave your level 6 storm tower alive and use it to pass those 15 seconds of enervating, and are back to full strength before they hit your “big towers” which are all half the power that they should be for your level.

Is there something here that i’m missing?


Just anything other than speculation and the fact poison has 10sec base supershot duration pre research with +5sec research which DOES in fact work, i tested it myself.

If leaving ballista then enervating should be in effect for 6th island towers at least would be my optimistic response.

As long as the runes work i know ill find a way