Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


Lmao wow, i would appreciate it if you didnt even comment anymore if thats the case with you, just wow. U must not know i got those several failed attempts u took on my layout recorded…

Not to solo you :joy:

Dont need Aib or havok either… sorcerer will do.


Tell me, now that im gone, who was it that threatened to farm me. Id love to see them try… will also love posting it along with the many others i have saved.


Can we get a video of this base defeated with Sparkles? And maybe finished with Chunky? Free kudos and snaps to the first person to post it. :sunglasses:


Bet it up


I’m not gonna do this in forums with you but if you keep on about it i’ll be the one to farm you myself! Jeez just let it go would ya?


You may have noticed I’ve deleted some posts. I strongly suggest everyone get back to discussing the relative merits of this base strategy, or I will lock the post.




Even if the ballistas offered double everything the wonder and glory that the runes promise one fact would remain. Ballistas. Are. Not. Good.

They simply don’t work and I have really given it a fair shot in this thread for your sake and giving it a chance but I think I’ve proven quite convincingly that ballistas with 3 perches is not a good overall base strategy.

I hope you have learned lots of things from the thread as a whole and I really really hope you take away 2 points:

  • Higher level towers are so much better then leveling your perches or other towers
  • perch gear as it stands even with a full 20% on every stat won’t make up for having too low a level on your towers on your base

Good luck in the future :+1:


This is in fact your opinion as i could take short bases with drain island and no perch just as easily…also the fact i already agreed that i need to stop branching out now and come back towards focusing on fewer towers to upgrade.

However this does not stop me from my plan to upgrade 3rd perch and utilize the 3 elements to their fullest. Thank you for your input i hope you learned that there are many ways to build a layout.


There’s an infinite amount of ways to build a base, there’s a few strategies without a max base that give the best results. A short level 300 base with 60’s will never be topped by a longer base with max perches and ballistas at 50’s… Blame PG for the snowballing of tower stats.


You seem quite sure about this, time will tell i suppose. I already take short 300s with relative ease. Spindra can work miracles lol

Yeah about the ballistas, those were a side project that i just played with… last on my mind but i am still curious about them. I wonder if i could get verification on whether or not weakening runes are working.


That doesn’t disapprove the point lol. Your ability to attack has no correlation with your base startegy. I can take 300’s undefended in certain setups too. Love to see a video of a war attack against a 300 with 3 defenders…I’m 30 levels below you and it takes emerald or higher to take my base with 3 defenders. :man_shrugging:


Why do u assume i meant undefended?

Really now lol


SYou can’t compare your ability to attack levels, it’s defense power that defines your ability.

In my opinion, You should be able to take a base with a defense power that is 1.5x your attack power. Others may have higher or lower standards.


It does disprove your point because ur acting as if its fact for all circumstances when it isnt…
Except for the ballista lvl 50 statement…can use lvl 1 for the purpose i had in mind


You’re about a 250 with emerald, I presume?
So yes, 300 is def something you should be able to take. In fact, on average a low 300 would have about +150 defense power (it’s possible to be less) At the top of garnet, my necryx is 96mil. So emerald I’m assuming is higher…(I hope)


Thank you for your input.


So what are we talking about? I kinda skipped over a bit when it looked like it would devolve into a shouting match. I think Ballistas have been effectively replaced by Fire Flaks. The only thing that might make Ballistas worthwhile again, would be if they increased the poison duration. Maybe 30 sec supershot, 10 sec normal hit max. Or, if they allowed the poison to stack with other hits. 5 Ballistas for 5x the damage max. As it stands, being hit by more than 1 ballista just refreshes the poison duration, and 3 sec normal hit 9 sec supershot isn’t that great…


These new perch rider impact locations just made this thread much more interesting… :joy:


New era of base building is here.
Edit: I have to now go onto my alt account to participate in atlas discussions, which is kinda sad.