Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)




I agree, primary shot duration should last longer, this would give my strategy the bump it needs if attacker decides to leave it. Then it wouldnt be necessary to charge in order to recieve the rune effect till next island, where high dps will be waiting. They increased the total duration to 15seconds with supershot and research but hate using ammo on a ballista lol

This of course is assuming that weakening runes work, id be willing to bet they dont. Not sure why though because i like the concept, especially stacking weakening runes with fire turret special.

But this was more about using each perch with 3 specific elements for the maximum potential in buffs applying to all possible towers that anyone could have :slight_smile:


Im not sure if you understand, if you think this is expensive that really depends on the time frame you want it completed. Are you not building with the future in mind? Everyone has their own pace, their own preference and what is actually best for one doesnt necessarily mean it is best for someone else at where they are in the game.

I have sacrificed, yes, i have also learned a lot with a variety of towers, testing their limits, their specials, their range relative to where dragon starts upon entering island, affects and duration, etc… so i dont see it as a loss but as an investement. Its ok if you dont agree, nobody is forcing you or even saying its superior, in fact it has much work still to be done but im confident that what im sharing can be effective and i plan on sticking by it.

  1. It’s atlas exclusive feature, which hasn’t been available yet. As for now, only elites having access to them.
  2. How much have you spent for getting all those gears? I don’t think it’s affordable by E2P, which only spend enough for elites and a few more packs (at most, probably).

That is my reasons in saying that it’s expensive.


PG has let us mortals have a glimpse at armageddon:
"The curse of the three perches is upon us!"

With defensive gear changes, KhaosAvenged will be correct: having three maxed gear perches will be desired and will almost double the towers hp and attack.
BUT, none but those willing to spend a modest BMWs worth are to have them.

To sum up, let’s wrap this thread up because we ALL have lost this morning.

The End
Gangster, herald of misfortune.


You could ask for this account to be given access to posting on the Atlas forums. I think they did that for @SavageAFforPG


There is no realistic metric by which this is not Insanely expensive.

I have crafting materials coming out my ears (or the orifice of your choice). You know what I don’t have? Scrolls.

You know what else I don’t have (much) of? Legendary gear. And there is nothing I can do about it… If the gear is legendary or not is totally random.

Granted. I’m sure just like dust. Once I do have legendary sets. I will need more crafting materials than I have.

And now I need THREE sets?

PG is clearly hitting some of that dank California medical herb.

Oh… And pearls… Care to take a guess how many you gold chests you’ll need to open to get the required number?

It’s very high. And at the moment. It’s the only way to get pearls.

So yeah, this is outrageously expensive.

Players should ignore this. Simply refuse to participate. Because this is 100% pure unadulterated BS.

You need something to boycott?

Here ya go. Start with this.

This is… All. The appropriate words are not appropriate for the forum.

So I’ll keep plugging away at my one defensive rider on my perch. But otherwise, I’m pretending like this didn’t happen.


Well, it’s easy for me to boycott since I can’t even forge defensive rider amor yet :joy::joy::joy:


What is this “defensive rider armor” you speak of? I have not heard of it.


It’s something only those lucky enough to have Atlas access can do.


It’s BS for everyone.

Even worse for those without atlas since they can’t even start to collect the meager amount of Scrolls they would have been able to.


That was sarcasm, seriously does everyone here have a broken hip, or am I just not enunciating my words well enough?


Oh, I agree with this completely. I’m still trying to catch up on my forum reading after the forums exploded earlier today about this one issue in particular. Luckily I’m closed to finished :sweat:


I dont understand, itll be just like dragon gear but itll be for towers in the area of new perch layouts…gear will be converted and now there is definitely no need at all for 3rd perch unless ur maxed out


I gave up


I’m tired and my sarcasm detection meter is currently broken. Try again later.


The short version is you can get Scrolls if you kill you troops at the right times (and then revive them at the right times). . UT you actually need them to be competitive in atlas… And the payouts are terrible.


If you do not understand by this point, then I am probably not the best person to help.


im sorry you are having such trouble…

Got a legendary Lt attack i didnt wanna use now i do… will all be attack or hp for all towers instead of tower specific


That you have good gear and now can use it is great.

It’s also completely not the point of the larger discussion.