Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


I’ll jump on right now to test if you go in game and supershot stuff? I’ll turn my damage numbers on


I thought you would never ask :grin:

Going to game now.


Just wanted to go ahead and let thread know that mech took me to school on scorched islands…hats off to ya mech that was more fun than i had in a long time…since lutrus and before that, coach… props to ya and i look forward to our next match!





T’was fun!

Glad we got something out of the encounters :+1:


Cheers for trying something new and putting a good amount of ‘outside the box’ thinking into this.




I think the idea has merit but you may want to look closer at what towers you are boosting with defensive riders and armor as well as the cost of getting useful armor.

@PGJared any chance we will see a seasonal defensive rider this year?


Im not sure what you mean by look closer…i planned to get dark flak attack, red mage, and even saw these nice pair of LT attk gloves i can equip since scrolls take same spot as a weapon like fire axe


I admire the intent with Ballista, however they have been seriously underpowered forever and even at 60 aren’t very threatening (not that I’ve seen one). My suggestion is to reduce the variety of towers and focus on the impact that they make.

It’s great to try to enervate them around the corner, but as @Mechengg said and has likely proven, he can skirt around those pesky supershots (and now you’ve wasted a limited defensive resource) with relative ease.

I for sure agree with you that the dark flak attack and mage HP boosts are great gear additions. There’s a separate post about gear and relative costs thereof that you may want to check out.


Lol ballista towers and i have a history…i held on to their abilities with enervating and weakening effects until flaks came out. Now ive decided to explore them a little more before dismissing their credibility 100%. Basically until i am out of ideas and then i have no problem admitting i was wrong.

This is the potential just in gear i imagined.


Im not worried about the costs or grind.


I wish you luck with that. I might resurrect one of my level 19 ballistae if I got an all-ballista armor set that boosted attack and hp considerably (like level 60 dark flak kind of damage).

Let me know how it goes!


Well since you want to joke, my plan was to buff em out and stack their damage…you know it stacks right? Let L45-50s stack up on u in the invader…let me know how it goes.

This isnt something thats gonna happen overnight and my opinion can of course change at any moment. I try to keep an open mind :alien:

Btw ballista are last of my concerns atm lol i just wanted to say i havent fully dismissed them yet, no matter how close to irrelevant they are…


I know that this list may seem extremely generous and an amazing thing to have as a whole. I think you may have a bit too much of a “wow” factor by seeing these numbers and are trying to dive into this a bit too deep.

First off, +10% attack and +10% hp are one single level of upgrading of a tower. So some of the lower end “maxed out” stat combinations such as ballista HP and ballista attack, they are approximately equivalent to 1 level on each ballista tower that you have.

You should probably work under the assumption that you can only get approximately half of these stats in the forseeable future, since getting the legendary gear is hard enough, it takes an absolute crap ton of shards to level them. So working under this assumption your ballistas are now:
L18 -> L18.5
L20 -> L20.5
And to be honest, this makes absolutely zero difference in the grand scheme of things for a lot of effort and shards wasted on these upgrades.

Now the absolute best items that you have will give +2 levels once maxed, so the assumption of about half in the meantime would be fairly generous. This one makes a bigger difference, but its still only +1 level. It makes a bigger deal because your towers are a much higher level.
L41 -> L42
L43 -> L44
These are GOOD, but at the same time for the XP you could have had a level 52 ice turret there instead if you built up a single tower instead of 2. A level 52 would do way way way more damage (even with zero rider gear) and then you could choose an elemental which buffed your top 3 or top 5 towers to get that litle bit of extra boost.

I really do know what you are trying to do by getting increases for every item on your base, but the maths just don’t work in your favor due to the scaling of towers. The more you push to try and increase every tower on your bases effectiveness, it takes away from the exponentially increasing potential you can stack in a single tower to obliterate dragons.

My final suggestion (take it as you will), is to take all of this god damn beautiful effort and stick it towards egg tokens; optimizing your mission speedups. Focus on building 1 tower up at a time, and you would be absolutely set! I hate seeing wasted potential and that’s why i keep coming back to reply to this.


Oh i see what ur saying and can agree, i aint completely crazy lol basically the stats that receive the most benefit are of course the ones that are highest at base like flak, fire, Lt, and archer attack then the mages and storm hp is essential imo.

Im actually going to try and take your advice in a way, i just dont know how yet im still brainstorming. I dont want to seem exceptionally dense i just have disorders and one of em is a form of OCD easily confused with stubborness. I think lol




I’m well aware that the damage stacks. I’m also aware of the (non) impact that 10 ballista towers have on the Invader base. True they’re currently only level 47 but…only my inexperienced season dragons and level 16 Girasol are bothered by them.

I’m not being entirely facetious, I’m genuinely curious as to how this plays out. Like @Mechengg I keep coming back to see more.


How long does the storm tower protect with the boost (if/is there a boost)? If needed, it could be used as a rage builder as well.


Just tryin to put somethin together some way some how