Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


Not trying to bash you but that has to be the first hunter that person ever got… Rofl


U can ask em urself they in the same league as us…

Is a war hit they just underestimated like most


So let me walk you through your video…

-First of all he has to have only 1 finger cuz I haven’t seen a double tap once.
-He bursts down 18 and 20 balista instead of leaving 1 alive so he can tap the towers ahead
-Instead he wastes Vines to hit 3 towers, doesn’t kill mages in time to cloak them
-He turns the corner and spams your level 1 ice flak :rofl: with lvl 27 red mage, then he keeps tapping blue mage while the only thing thats relevant on that island are 2 high lvl flaks…

If this makes you feel good about your base props to you.


Yeah sorry that was not a very good. I can’t see why in the world they got double hit with mages, they should have been able to easily taken both of them out.

They also should have left a ballista out front for an anchor…

I’m actually not sure what else to say that coach didn’t say above.


Sounds like yall wanna battle :grin:

Lets battle, coach


Am I or are you going to post replays?

Honestly back in the day when we were flying against each other you had a better base, then it might be because I flew with Fae.


Yeah i mean using noc with a require 3rd spell is such shit…btw my layout wouldnt update for some reason so gg but if u wouldnt mind another visit plz


Yeah that was more like it…

You fly well gg, using Noc like a pro. That being said if u wanna act like im such shit for what reason idk go ahead… but you used fae maybe twice last time we battled, u mainly clutched borgarian on ur attempts ar defeating me. I gtg for now but i appreciate the battles and will be able to return hit in a bit if ur online.


how does this set up do if the base in auto defend? Would a kinnarus of someone around level 245 could take it down? Those low level mage is a weak point


Oh yea thats right. I did use Borg, my bad. Well in my opinion, the base you had, had a better setup; had much harder time finishing it at that point.

You’re not shit, far from that, I just think that you’re trying to reinvent the wheel where it doesn’t need to be reinvented.


Yeah i agree

I decided to focus strictly on the cheap defended layout, its like taking shortcuts but ironically there is a price


Yeah i agree you definitely are showing me the flaws like mech did

As i mentioned this is me trying something new, just tryin to have fun.


I just leveled Ember to level 2 cuz I put him in the roster the first time I hit you to see if you’re online! Accidentally leveled that MF to level 2… Minute and a half heal time right now… My life is over… I’m quitting the game…


@Coach you have my heartfelt sympathy for your loss.


A moment of silence for your loss… if it’s any consolation, 1 min and a half is better than 4 min sleep time on a level 6 ember.


Would that moment of silence be…a minute and a half long?



I’m so sorry for your loss. Mine’s level 14 so I am eternally mourning :sleepy:


Omg how the hell can you take any damage from the front long isle? What a lousy flyer! :joy: :joy: :joy:


Saddest day ever… :cry: