Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


You wanna help me test my newest MAYDAY layout?


This is what ive been sticking to, around 10 though to focus strictly on. I believe i have successfully found a balanced solution to the drastic handicap from having 3 perch towers at such a low lvl. More tests coming…


ya sticking to a few high end towers is best. Of course it will fall apart quickly once PG released the elemental based Gatling Gun towers that will be so much stronger than all past towers that all your current ones will need to be replaced if you want it to stop the newest dragons.


Trademark that idea and sell it to them… so then you can fund it’s construction :rofl:


what do you think they did with Flak? Notice how all the original towers to this game are kinda useless, you know the ones we ALL leveled at some point.

I am just waiting for round 2.


Oh I meant the Gatling gun towers.


Please note that the video below is simply to show the ideas im bouncing around atm and not me trying to showoff…but it is showtime so check out the vid and tower functions :slight_smile:


Will message you in game when I’m next online!


You have a very odd defense style. I always defend from BEHIND my towers so i can see what the dragon is doing, it doesn’t seem like you are even seeing which spells are queued or how much rage or health the dragon ever has. Is this typically how you defend?


Notice how it starts me off, in which direction, with the network lag from android and having tower gear quipped (when i take all tower gear off then the lag is gone) so i just go with how it starts me off.

Done it so much i know whats happening for the most part most the time without having to keep eyes on the dragon. I definitely check before shots are placed though, maybe its the editing and trimming start idk but im comfortable with it.

Guess i never learned another way idk lol

Maybe its cause my base is long, ive had a lvl 1 blue mage at start since like lvl 60


Excellent flying my dude, i way overpowered you in defenders amd you still prevailed. Props to ya, ill post in a bit unless u want to, i enjoyed it.


Geah gg


I missed my war banner :rage:




Yeah thanks! Could have been a better flight though. Some mistakes which I’m sure you can spot easily :joy: was fun! :+1:


Man i get my buzz on, u know ima make em lol but as long as we learn :man_shrugging:

Lemme know when the rematch is :slight_smile:


I same a similar problem with defending my base, it’s too much work for PG to create a top down camera for defenders lol…





I’ll get garnet next breed then I’ll try again :joy:


Whenever bro i never run out of stuff to try i feel like lol


@ 3:42- 47.

7 towers, that has not always done that, has it?

I could of sworn i tested it before and it was six, almost in a hook like mid. And on other side its always shield first 4 and the 2 directly behind @CaptainCheap