Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


That spot does 7. Always have. :+1:


Well i do declare…


I’m curious to see @xXxAirForcexXx against this base :smiley:

fix tag


Ive asked


I guess unorthodox is one word to use…


Idk what it means i just thought it was grown up talk


Or Lutrus perhaps, (Hau??)


@Lutrus this @Lutrus?


Honestly, I completely second what @mechengg said a few posts up. Good effort, but a shorter base would give you a significantly stronger kill factor considering the actual use and math of the defensive rider stats isn’t better than maxing a smaller section.


I knew u thought that, silly :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be but im still having fun which is primary goal i suppose

We will see :slight_smile:


Uhh. Okay.


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I still think this isnt a good base for auto defend to work


Seriously? Lol one day ull realize undefended = free


If you say so I suggest you to get a drain island and a kill island next to it made up of high level ice flak, dark flak, storm, red and blue mage. It would kill anything come when you are there spamming boost


Lol thank u


No base is good for AI defends. Better than others yes, good in general no. I tried this before, it worked decent. But until I switched over I was never able to take out such high tier dragons


It like saying “there will be always a higher level player can beat your base”. It is true, but it doesnt mean all higher level player can.
AI defends is pretty much luck. If it has a feature to set up special shot before hand, this isnt so bad (except the fact of the mage level is low)
If you are there defending all you can, I expect someone with much higher level dragon which is able to 1 shot 1 kill the tower. It would be like a platinum dragon flies on a base with all level 1 towers, defending would be in vain
anyway, there is a perch on drain island


I could make the turn into mid with full rage and without a 3rd spell or perch. This is irrelevant…

What you are saying, btw, woupd only further prove that u cant really prepare for that. Obviously the towers that live longest would have the greatest rate of shots fired so bas8cally gotta upgrade for more hp to increase those odds.

I think i have more options at this point, the hole ur gonna be digging into isnt worth it imo (i know, thats rich comin from me lol)