Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


I disagree. You can control AI defense and make AI waste shots by strategically targeting towers.
When attacker controls supershots, its GG for defender base when there is no manual defender.


Off topic question.
How many times OP changed his name since the start of this thread?


Guess what! he has too many rubies :joy:


How can you know how many shot AI can do so you could make AI waste shot?


Its as many as you have when you defend yourself.
Except farms. They seem keep healing the ones around forever.


I know my base, how can i know about the base i attack? It will be pretty much depend on luck when it pull out a supper shot out of no where


Keep a useless tower or tower against which your dragon has resist. Let it keep hitting you.
Or Storm tower. Or low level tower which won’t hurt you much .
Any tower which doesn’t deal much damage can be left for last and kill it as you fly over it in last second


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Off topic but when will you actually contribute to somethin on it.

Answer is twice.


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Not too sure if i have 11 undefended.

Also, incorrect about the farms. Ammo is replenished if defender leaves and farms/ mills are whats usually left at this point.


I have on one of my accounts about 11 or more iirc. And i have only completed till green defense researches.


Sorry. I guess all base experts have given their piece of mind, so idk what advice a base beginner (like me) can give.
Anything I said earlier (tagging, asking certain someone to demonstrate a raid) is just so we (beginners in this game) can learn something out of it.
Also, I don’t have Atlas atm.


No worries i actually laughed, im just aggressive i cant help it sometimes lol


What’s this topic about? :thinking:


It’s a “base strategy” for a long base.


Its my strategy for having 3 perch riders at my level and reducing the handicap that such a layout can generate.


Ah, okay, good luck.


Dont need it, can show you or you prove me wrong :wink:


Lmao not interested