Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


I know i know, you told me. You got my contact when u ready…



I get different results, hmm why?

Oh its bc im not actually doing the same thing.


Hey buddy, fun as it was running vs your base, I should really have had ZERO chance of getting more than 50% on a decently built base. Even with 3 dragons. The mere fact I could get >75% defended means there’s something not right about your setup.

Keep experimenting all you want but the numbers don’t lie. Bigger towers >>>> more towers.


Lmao come try me again then, you crazy though, i could take 300 using what u used and much higher with just adding spindra as anchor.

And idk why its so hard to understand im trying new stuff, myself instead of relying on someone else telling me i cant be successful at something. learning a good bit too so like i said come visit me. I wont boost

There is a counter for EVERYTHING. Even a dwarf base.

I still owe u a visit :wink:


300 defended with sapphire drags? Ok I’d like to see that! :joy:

Yes come try anytime! Will be fun!


For the record it’s possible to have 3 perch riders without a full length base.


Move everything to te front? I mean to make the front island as the main killer island


No its not. I have a lvl 1 blue at start and nothin else, doesnt mean i dont have a full base.

If dragon starts at the furthest island from home then its a full base. Imo.

Even so, scorched islands are in favor of attacker and not the most effective side of the base to invest core towers.

Just my opinion honestly, idk how much right either side has to claim as to what is fact. Thx for the input.


Okay let me say it more clearly. If you want to get into semantics, yes it’s true by simply having a dragon at the end, the length from base at the start to the last island with something on it (perch) is the same.

That definition of base length is not very useful for battle. You have two main factors working against you. First is that you want less towers so your power per level is higher. This includes towers in storage. Second, you don’t want any free rage or breaks between the action. Once you have killed everything that is difficult to kill, rage no longer matters except for additional dragons which can start with additional rage anyways.

Because of this your base length is more meaningfully set from the start of your first combat towers and/or farms, until the end of your last tower.

Lastly you don’t NEED to put towers on the last island just because you have a dragon there. It should be more of a decision on if the buffs outweigh the 5-10 towers dilution in power or not.

So yes, it is conceptually sound to benefit from 3 riders with defense gear and not have a long base (in terms I set above)


That’s not a combat relevant definition. Let’s not split hairs, you know I didn’t mean that definition of full length… find me a new term for what I mean and I’ll use that.

What is a scorched island? I’m not familiar with this terminology. I would guess one with destroyed towers. Are you referring to blank spaces? It’s pretty much always acceptable to have blank space between your first real tower and the end base as built rage generates no real use for the easy to kill end base.

How about we stop having opinions and start using scientific observations? While I didn’t provide full evidence, it would be a mistake on my side if anything I said wasn’t actually provable with facts upon request.

I’m not actually trying to be confrontational, I simply thought I would suggest you try shortening your base while using three perches. Feel free to turn down the suggestion.


That would do it. Leave the totem in the back alone. Anything that makes it that far won’t have trouble killing either the totem or the last dragon, and can’t really build up rage for anything meaningful.

I’d still leave a totem at the very end up against the base

Resource plots on the middle perch. (With a decent warrior on perch)

I wouldn’t advise any new player to use 3 riders because atlas gear is so hard to work for I’d almost certainly find better effectiveness on one rider than 3 with much lesser gear. (Although if you have a very big surplus of crafting materials but not enough scrolls it could work out)

You would not be able to have a rage drain in front. And you wouldn’t get value if the surprise from the atlas wall before the middle log island.

But compared to at least one of his previous revisions? I think it should work better…

EDIT: forgot to mention you won’t have much time for defenders to move to those towers and defend. I guess that is kind of a major downside


I disagree, less is not always more. Everything has a counter, including dwarf layouts of short but strong towers. “Power” is a distraction, borderline illusion.

Scorched islands are the last 2 that look different than the other 5, this area holds attacker advantage and is not ideal to set core or strongest towers here. Ive had the opportunity long ago to bust the effectiveness of this strategy.

The 3 perch layout im designing is ready and effective in theory, just need time to upgrade perch to discourage it being left alive. If attacker decides to use a 3rd spell like lockdown to secure 3rd perch then im ok with that, its possible to completely negate all rage built by the time dragon reaches 1st perch and home island.

While i agree that every successful defense has a lower number of stronger towers, i also know that for some towers it is acceptable to have even at lvl 1 and it benefit the defender.

I dont take offense to suggestions, just been there and done that so to speak.


I dont see word unorthodox word fit the title, Brutally honest, Base is bad with current meta. No offense. I dont have perfect base but everyone who said base is bad has flown enough to say it is bad.



Lol my K/D ratio when defended would suggest otherwise. Talk is cheap, easy for any inexperienced player to say what you are saying :wink:


Can I try it with my LEOS?


Assuming it’s the same base your forum name ties to:

Your base only shows 2 dragons on perch right now. And it has nothing but mages on the last two islands. (Or last Long Island depending on how you reference it)

I didn’t say less is more. I said you want higher power per tower. If you only have 5 towers for example, I don’t think it would matter how you configured them as it would be too few.

What I am saying however is that higher tower levels provide better bang for your buck. As long as you have 20+ towers, you aren’t in danger of having too few towers. This isn’t an opinon. It’s measurable and well proven. Don’t get caught up on the term power, I’m not referring to any stat. I’m telling you flat out the DPS AND HP increase much more than if you distributed it to multiple towers.

Ehh. You are referring to the first two islands you would approach when attacking if a base was fully populated?

I do not think it is attacker beneficial, but yes there is not really a good way to get to them on time to defend then very first.

I assume you mean for moving your base to that end. Well I think the ideal configuration is with the strong towers in the middle. Having some empty space on both sides.

The main problem is with how many towers you are choosing to upgrade. At your level you could have much higher levels. Even if for just 4-5 towers.

I don’t understand this. The higher your perch the more chances I’d leave it alive. You mean without using a spell?

Or what if they use their first skill of sands or vines?

And how do you negate all rage? It’s possible to dodge all of those mage towers. Fairly easily due to how you laid them out. Also that wouldn’t matter with a dragon like neptus or destar. (You appear to be in a diamond team, so I’d expect in Wars you see a fair bit of that)

This is true to a degree. You are essentially trying to amass HP AND DPS. Level 1 towers are low on DPS. I assume you mean the ice flak for example. The problem is you have cut your DPS down to a point where I can ignore it… ice flak works best from a distance on a Long Island and ideally higher level to eek out more DPS.

Mages are the only exception and only in some configurations.

I’d attack you but I don’t really have a dragon that would provide a fair or comparable fight.

If you would like I can PM you a list of exploitable holes you currently have.


Gg. Good battles.


There are counter measures to this, dont get caught up in putting all ur eggs into one basket. Shield/ resists/ enfeeble etc… you dont have to be stronger to win a fight.

Btw, are you referring to the original layout posted up top?


Also not true. Ice flaks and storm towers…also another but even if i mentioned, it wouldnt be accepted so no point.