Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


Gg :smiling_imp:.


U still owe me one without a busted 3rd spell equipped on 2nd dragon btw :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Im 1 garnet dragon capped. You are taking the extra spell against me? :joy:. I love playing around with my extra spells fyi was it unfair? There are players who loves to setup bases with sanding, there are players who loves to play with the extra spells and so on, i think extra spells are there for a it too unorthodox for u?:eyes:

I will say once again, ive flown alot of bases at your lvl or abit lower, or early 200’s with towers lvl close to lvl 50. I couldnt finish their bases even with extra spells enough times for me to give up trying.

Technically you may say maybe i dont have the right dragon or im terrible at flying but again the point here is ive flown bases at your lvl and I cant even get close to their second set of killer towers dont know what credentials you need from players telling you that this is a not defendable base at your current lvl.


I wouldn’t call them counter measures. At best mitigation measures.

Attacker has to destroy towers within a time frame. Any shield you can instantly defeat by destroying the tower providing it. If that is a level 1 it’s very easy.

Defender must kill the dragon within a time. Both dragons and towers can be healed. This emphasizing time as a factor.

It’s not putting your eggs in one basket. Defender can add by building HP, DPS, or skills. All skills improve with effectiveness by level. While it is true the ice flak silence, and storm shield and mage are the same at level 1 as they are at 60, all can be destroyed before their supershot is deployed. But they still occupy a slot which displaces health and damage. In the case of a mage, when it leads your front tower it doesn’t displace anything and is not causing you an impact. In the case of a storm shield it does avoid damage but the amount avoided is lower than the benefit at level 1 if the attacker knows to kill it first. In the case of an ice flak it CAN be minimized due to its range if placed far enough back and the front 5 towers can hold it. But in this case the benefit is better with higher level due to added damage and harder to kill once past, and it is still displacing a tower… (you are sacrificing damage and hp).

The strategy of picking apart a base is usually to poke holes in a base so the next dragon has an easier job to do. If you have done that for someone, it just makes the job easier. In general every tower holds a value. Low level towers in the midst of high level are just pre made holes. Now that’s not to be confused with having normal level towers and a few high level towers mixed in. That’s exactly the opposite nd can be very effective.

Current config.

Unless you are arguing semantics again, and saying the spell is equal effectiveness, I’m afraid this is not true. Easy to prove a level 1 storm in a mix of towers vs a full level is far weaker. It’s also easy to prove any decent tower sitting in its place of the same higher level will be more effective. The net usefulness of a level 1 storm vs full leveled tower (let’s say canon tower as it’s low dps) can be easily verified as less than. Now when you bring it up to the same level then yes the situation changes.

Again on ice flak, while yes you could argue killing a shield is equal to most other towers, it’s much better to have higher level ice flak, and even better to have a higher level ice flak which leverages its range. (Not on the front line). I doubt you have too many dragons with shields
These days but I could by wrong.

So again. Mage is the only tower where you can place them without displacing something. And they are very dodgeable when using less than 3… and if their level is high you can easily disable them…


Do you understand that havok is broken? I didnt break it and i sure as hell didnt need it against your base. I know you could still do it, is why i suggested u go again without using a broken 3rd.

You claimed my setup was bad, yet the amount of tries you took, again, suggests otherwise. Listen it was fun to battle but for u to say my setuo is bad is a joke, especially when i took ur setup on 1st try with Spindra…in same tier :joy:


Im not saying a lvl 1 isnt far weaker, im saying it can still be used to benefit the defender. Im not really in the mood to argue with you, my method is working, thanks for the “advice” but ima keep doin my thing.

The game is always changing and always evolving. Setups will benefit from being flexible, which is exactly what im going for. So again thanks but unless you wanna battle i think we are done with the discussion.


I cant finish a lvl 240+ good base defended. But with your base ,I can. Thats my only point. :woman_shrugging:t3:.


Sounds to me like ur just using the wrong dragon then LOL. and what lvl 240? Who is this incredible 240 u speak of, ill show u how to kill :wink:

And besides…u only finished because you used a broken 3rd spell to finish, on 3rd or 4th attempt btw. Im not saying u cant, im saying you didnt. Im sure if you used the same on this super 240 you would have better chance.


I see you are hurt people telling you that this is not a good base setup . Im sorry. I will just scroll up and read what are others opinion about this and see if what im saying is wrong. :kissing:.


Im more hurt at the fact that you struggled against a “bad” layout for several attempts and cant admit you underestimated me. Even more so at the fact you change the subject when i ask you to verify what you are saying, u say a lvl 240 beat you down and u cpuldnt win…im saying give me the name so i can show u how its done.


Can you vouch for your base that it is a good layout?


I can vouch that its not a bad one, definitely and without hesitation. Does this mean its where i want it? No…i never said it was perfect or even great.


So you build a base building guide for a base even you say isn’t great…


It will be when im done, and i think its great…i just never said it until now :wink:


My base will also be great when I’m done and max level…everyone’s will be.


And this isnt a guide that i recommended for ANYONE to follow, i definitely said that i would NOT recommend this because im fishing in the dark. But i love my layout and for what im paying, which is nothing but elite access, i dont think im doin too bad fyi. If you go back and read im sure ull find it unless u need me to quote myself…


Lol if u think so


I wish i understood what u meant, when havei ever not admitted to being wrong? This? I dont believe im wrong, ive clearly worded my comments to be modest, until challenged. I take a lot more consideration when insulting what im passionate about when the one insulting has actually battled me. Go figure, i dont believe this makes me egotistical. I actually dont know what ur problem is with me other than im simply doing my own thing in my own lane and it seems to bother you horribly…


I can still use a rock to my advantage against someone with a machine gun, that doesn’t mean it’s the best use of my resources or that I could have made a better advantage with another choice.

I’m not arguing I’m comparing observed and verifiable facts. I have yet to see a good reason to advise someone to have a level 1 tower anywhere inside of their kill island. Certainly I acknowledge some towers can yield more advantage than an empty space.

My entire response to you was a simple suggestion to blend your use of 3 perches with higher tower levels. I can’t see any strong reason why that wouldn’t be a good idea. I’m not trying to force you to do anything. Not trying to argue. Good luck. I wish the best for your stubborn approach. I hope others who read this thread listen to the advice of others before considering such a strategy.


He’s just trying something different and for that I applaud him. No need to get on his case. Base building isn’t like breeding there is no set formula. There are of course recommended practices but it’s good to have people experimenting. Most are too afraid of “ruining” their bases to try something new.