Unorthodox Defense Strategy. (Please note that layout is updated continuously)


I was under the impression you were suggesting i put all my strongest towers near the 3rd perch. I apologize for assuming this, just as i said those 2 islands hold attacker advantage so the idea of putting my strongest towers there isnt a good one to me.

I actually agree i need to start focusing on upgrading fewer towers, i have been branching out in an effort to test limits and positioning. I have been working on my research etc


Thank you, thats all im trying to do. Im just trying to have fun.


Yet you talk about an incident days ago and im pretty sure relating to a completely separate post. Idk why i bother tbh, you know what you did was petty. Congrats you got what you wanted, hope its worth it in the end :slight_smile:


If ur mech typing, plz, dont even start…

Or Z


Hell I’m too scared to even risk rune-ing my base let alone risk ruining it.


Lol nope just little ole me


Ive been through hella rubies i wont lie


Is this from Moulin Rouge ???


Lol i wondered the same


Win or lose better or worse at least you’re trying trying something new and standing by it.


Thats all anyone can do really, just what i believe… not sure why more ppl cant see that.


Khaos. **Kicking you was the decision of leadership. We are in D1 and we simply do not need the baggage that you bring with you with your forum posts about ballista that everybody knows sucks! I asked you to stop posting about it and you didn’t. I even asked you to delete your posts on this thread and you didn’t do that either so now talk all you want. You will make some team a great member one day, just not ours.


1st of all u need to check urself, this was mainly about the 3 perch and tower gear…but thanks for including yourself finally, plz go on about how i should silence myself when half the time im spent correcting someone on the team.

And everybody knows it sucks but do they know formulas or percentages? Do they know if the runes actually work? Because NOBODY has answered this yet


Wait right there, gotta pop some corn for this :eyes::popcorn:.


I suggest taking a breathe and walking away dude. You’re not making the situation better for yourself.


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Maybe ur right but i just want some actual solid evidence and facts not this vague political manipulative bs


Quite frankly, you’re embarrassing your team. It would be different if you didn’t post your teams name with your pictures.


Not my team anymore but what exactly is embarrassing to them? Do enlighten me… oh u mean the drama involving me being booted…from the team im embarrassing :joy:


I wouldnt say its his idealism of how he builds his fortress is totally wrong, his expanation of layout is detailed in a sense that a player may think its good however truth be told no matter how u twist it simply by looking at his tower lvls (highest 43)at lvl 240+ I wouldnt think twice in an event atk or war atk that I could take this defended this is the truth, I wouldnt quit after 1 dragon even it dies cos i know I can finish it, versus if i see a lvl 240+ with lvl 50+ towers i would quit if my 1st dragon dies at defend cuz I dont want to try hard on a good lay out.

You dont let someone and see how he goes knowing that the plan is more likely to fail, so you stop it… and correct it before it becomes a total mess. But If he stands his ground on his idea , I wont take it against him.

You need help.