Unplayable Game Glitch

Hi Jared,

I’m facing the most horrendous glitch in game for past 60 hrs. Everything I do I just get resets when I log off. Game play has become impossible now. I’ve spoken to support but apparently they do not understand the situation here n keep tellin me to reinstall game n reboot device etc.
Whatever Actions I do, they just get resets, including stuff like storing towers, collecting bounty, or even collecting rss from farms.
I’ve been a very active player since day 1 for years and this “halt” to my game has caused me multiple losses as I’ve always performed in events. But this glitch has made it impossible. Pls help.



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Make an in-game ticket and let them know which actions you’ve taken (delete reinstall, etc.)
If you’re unable to stay in game long enough to make a ticket, use this site to make it:
You’re gonna get a faster response from support than from Jared due to how many tickets he already has in queue to review.

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Thanks, Lutrus, for linking to War Dragon’s support here! @Asuncion, we’d love to help you, but the best way we can find a solution for you is via our Support portal. Please submit a ticket there and our team will investigate! :slight_smile:

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Quote the support ticket number here so that PG support in forums can track the ticket and give you solution!

I did submit one more than a day ago on pocketgems WarDragons support portal and another ingame support portal.
Ingame is not helping much just telling me to reinstall etc.

Ticket #991169

Have you tried reinstalling? If it’s not the problem, they may offer further solutions once you’ve discussed with them that no change has occurred after reinstalling. Be sure to let them know!

Sorry I can’t be of much help here. Our support team can escalate to the right parties if necessary and help you try some more troubleshooting steps!


Now my account is gone after posting here in forum for Help. This is beyond absurd.
Have mailed war Dragons support but I dunno how Long this is gonna take. It’s a mental torture by now.

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I am not actually PG and I don’t have any advice for you at this point. I can tag @Arelyna who is PG and can help you out :slight_smile:

Miss U Asu :heart::heart::heart:

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Hey @Asuncion! I just checked into your ticket. It has been escalated to be reviewed. It may take a little longer for a response once it has been escalated. Sorry I can’t be more helpful here!

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Hi @arelyna, I’m so thankful for ur response.
I had another new ticket coz they refused to carry on from the old one (Ticket #991169) n demanded me to open a new one when I got banned.

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We need this very valuable honest player back! Thanks for escalating!

You got banned?? :man_shrugging: that’s probably the problem then…

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They had problems before losing access to the account, so we are not sure it’s a ban or hey are working on the account to solve problems, who knows…

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Bump any update?

Asun has been a member of UnitedDragons for years - no one can figure out why she is not able to be a part of our team anymore. She is not a spender but may have been one of the biggest pro-WD ambassadors that you could have out there - please have someone review her situation and get her back in the game! Anything you can do to expedite & escalate this situation is appreciated by the many friends Asunción has within this great game!

@PGEggToken If it helps, this seems like a crazy sync error, though if the ban appeal wasn’t overturned, I suppose that it doesn’t need to be looked at :see_no_evil:.


Hi Jared, I really need ur help as a last resort.
For the past 5-6 weeks I’ve been sending in tickets on my case but to no avail.
I started sending in tickets to support for unplayable game glitch coz I keep getting reset for like 3-4 days. Next thing I am being banned.
I hav sent in numerous tickets to ask support to look into my account as I HAVE NOT CHEATED OR VIOLATED any sort, they said will get back to me but it’s been coming 6-7 weeks.

As a dedicated WD player, I have lost 5/6 weeks of play time as well as 1/2 the season rewards being a very active player. I really do not understand where had gone wrong. Please help me n get back to me rather than just ignoring my issue. Thank you very much.

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