Unresolved tower glitch

A couple months ago, players noticed that towers on the back left corner of the temple island can do some really strange things.

I had observed the problem myself, but after a while it seemed to have disappeared. However, yesterday I was flying necryx on a base with some level 60 towers in a war, and I had left the level 60 fire flak on that back left corner unsanded. As I was between the long middle island and the lighthouse island, suddenly the fireflak shot animation appeared around me, and my health bar instantly vanished. Necryx was DOA. Is there anyone who can let me know if there was supposed to be a patch for this problem?

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I have not gotten anything back from my ticket and there hasn’t been a PG patch notes about it and as you have observed, it’s still very much in effect.
People don’t really encounter it too much because most bases are on the last 5 islands with island 6 being the rage drain island. But when it happens, boy oh boy do you notice.

@arelyna @pgjared any update on this?

Interestingly enough, it does the same thing it atlas. I left an archer alive on the back left corner of the first short island and observe what’s in the lower right screen when I approach the second short island.

I sent in a ticket once. They told me to restart my game…when I had told them I had been seeing the problem for months :joy:

That’s odd. @Lutrus, let me do some digging to see what the status on the ticket I filed for the engineers.

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I feel like we should be promoting awareness of this problem, because I didn’t even know it existed until a couple of days ago, and who knows how long it will take before it gets resolved.

Wow, it’s only been 13 days and I’ve completely forgot about it. TBH, they’ve had their hands full with the rocky season start.

Sure it’s a very specific circumstance problem, but not all of us can destroy every tower with 1 dragon. So it’s still a problem that needs resolving.

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