Unsearchable guilds and unknown members



I’m very upset that there are guilds that cannot be found to report when they have 1 member in event, and cannot be found in a search. Please advise


If you can’t find them how do you know they exist?


Did they make a sound in the forest?




Could be your search isn’t finding them because of a letter switch in the team name, like lowercase L for capital i or vice versa, or capital O/zero. I’m not aware of a report button on teams, but if you want to find a team in your league, tap on the trophy at the upper left corner or mail the member if you can spell their name and look at their info sheet, it should link to their team. Or hit attack in the event to attack them and then tap on the little (i) by their name to pull up their profile and team info. Somewhere in there I think there should be a report/block button for the individual player.

If you’re a new player in a lower league, welcome! I recommend new players start with an active, established team, ideally in gold iv or higher. The game is more fun for most people in a more active team and league. You can learn the non-obvious things about strong building and breeding and some flying here in the forums, but it’s a very team oriented game and your team and the teams you’re facing as opponents matter.


Yes…this is likely…nobody believed be about the four i’s in equiIibrium :wink:


Yup most likely this. Some names are not typed the same as they look. Worth shortening the name to search again.


Because they have attacked me 8 times


What league is this in?..seems like that information is key to all of this…because if there are platinum teams with one member in them they gonna have a rough time next week.


Silver I


Well…there’s your issue. Just remember the team’s name and war them everyday after the event ends


What’s next week?


But there are 3 i’s equilibrium


When teams get circulated into other leagues


E q u i (1) I (2) i (3) b r i (4) u m

(The L is a capital I)


well ill be damned…

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