Unsending messages


How many times do we have to see the “oops wrong chat lol” before we are able to unsent messages? Easy, simple, highly needed add to the game. Or for teams who are trying to keep things organized, for example war chat can get hectic at times…


Literally one of the lowest priority issues I can think of


I think Ryuu is a lower priority one :laughing:


Absolutely not true, definitely a top 5 issue


It’s one of the most requested ones, but honestly I personally think that there are a heck of a lot of things more important than fixing Ryuu.


:unamused: Don’t jinx it.
You know what happened when Jared mentioned it as “low priority”.

@Jekq are you sure it won’t get abused? :thinking:


Are you saying PGs method of tracking how important an issue is, is flawed? How dare you question them


Dooooon’t jinx it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Trying to determing if this is sarcasm or not… My sarcasm detecter appears to currently be malfunctioning.


Lol I left both posts ambiguous on purpose :eyes::grin:


I want to be able to unsend other peoples’ LC messages. Perfect troll opportunities :smiling_imp:


Actually, I think @DivineStrike has done a fair job of backing OP.

*First comment: “Hmm, this could be sarcasm, can’t be 100% certain though.”

*Second comment: “I’m pretty sure they’re being sarcastic. If not I really don’t want to be talking to them.”

*Third comment: “Presence of emojis! This is clearly a normal, decent person who has been kidding this whole time and merely forgot their emojis until this point. Phew!”

Pretend your in game in this exact scenario. Now think of how much more calmly and efficiently this could have been handled if one were able to immediately unsend the message and resend with propper emojination. Genius! Clearly a top priority!!!

Or am I being sarcastic? You’ll never know, there are no emojis.


I guess that thread appears because of HOW team chat was made a default - it is in the top tab now, where the league chat was (or which one was there…) :slight_smile:

I missed target chat for couple of messages yesterday, after the update - sending them to the usual 3rd tab from top, lol. Just curios, what author has posted to that chat :slight_smile:


Lol definitely didn’t forget any emojis and clearly your post is sarcasm


Not a bad idea, but just not a real important one at the moment