Unstable leos blazing shield

hi all,
i have an issue that i think is a bug with Leos blazing shield!
the amount of health that this shield is giving me isn’t fixed its random
it gives me 20% - 60% health mostly it seems to scale down towards the 20%.
i don’t know if that’s how this spell supposed to work but my guess is not.

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Just a guess though. Perhaps Lion’s rage affect the Blazing Shield heal amount

Hi meki! The heal from blazing shield should be fixed amount - Are you saying you are getting random amount?

PGPulse, is Blazing Shield affected by Lion’s rage? Whenever I assisted my teammate, I saw her Leos’ Blazing Shield gets stronger once Lion’s Rage is activated. Also, when I used freeze or chain lightning on Avyx, it gets stronger if I cast it when Talon Frenzy is active.

Freeze & CL would be made stronger by Talon Frenzy, because TF increases attack power for a time. Don’t know about Leos’s Lion’s Rage though :man_shrugging:

yes it comes ang go.
how much health should it give me. if its not more the 25% then ill take the bug in my favor lol

i read that it suppose to give me 35% health as i can see it on the naked קטקit is userly less then that

@PGPulse any news on this topic

Are you buffed on your runs? Most things are calculated on base health. Your heal will look less if buffed typically.

Got 2 runes 1 is legendary wisdom and 1 legendery rage.

Same. Sometimes it heals 20% maybe 25%, sometimes half of his health. Its strange…

I have a request to PG …please make the blazing shield of leos white…as poor leos doesnt have any attack power like avyx or equestor… they are overpowered but leos doesnt have any atleast do justice to leos by making blazing shield white or increase the duration as it is short lived

God please no, Leos is fine as he is. Stop trying to make every spell white. If you can’t make a warrior with dark flak resist, an auto-damage boost and a big instant heal work the problem is not the color of his spell.

  1. Leo’s attack boost comes from passive skills, which is always active once the condition is met. (passive skill is even better than no rage white attack boost, given the same amount of boost)
  2. As far as I’ve seen, Leo’s Blazing Shield is used more as healing skill rather than shield. As soon as it gets cancelled, it can be used again to heal even more HP. Thus short lived shield is better.

Those are my opinion from what I’ve seen, as low leveled player.

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When leos is on the blazing shield he takes less damage…so then longer dyration could help him…its not just healing…or the next best option is let him have an increased rage as he takes down towers because presently his rage is pretty slow to use the shield again and worst of all of blue mage…then always that has to be hit down first…by when he is already hit down…equestor can take continous two to three shots in one go …avyx…has extreme power when he uses his spell and easily take down towers…what has leos got just some resists…and auto passive which fies not deal much damage like the massive thunderstorm for sage or like skarr who has good attack power…if leos has to be fun…his attack power should increase… that could be by either increasing rage or shield modification…like block for longer with healing

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I gave up reading what you were trying to say. It is a lot easier if you write in coherent sentences instead of using elipses between every thought. As it is, your argument looks like a huge run on sentence.

Aside from the gramar issue, Leos is fine as is. If you wait to use his shield until AFTER Lion’s rage has activated, you shouldn’t have a problem. As others have pointed out, his shield is used more as a healing device than an actual shield. Yes, it does reduce incoming damage, but that’s not the main reason why it is deployed.


Oh i am starting to wonder if yu have leos …if yu had leos …yu wouldnt be writing this…the points i have mentioned …only improves leos…i guess u dont want him improved …as u dont own leos…other wise how could one say …improved rage is not required…or the shield that also blocks to make it short lived…dont limit the shield to just healing …it also blocks…and why dont u want that…this looks like a riddle

I have Leos and Liz is 100% correct. He does not need a white shield. That is why he has such powerful resists.

He already is a pretty easy dragon to fly. Just kill the blue mage and deploy the shield. Making his shield white would make flying him mind numbing to the extreme.

I have Leos on my alt account and have absolutely no issues when flying him against bases of equivalent level as my alt. He requires very little thought on how to fly him with only one active spell. If you can’t figure out how to kill blue mages first and use his shield until after lions rage activateds, I really don’t know how to help you.