Unsure how I should be spending my sigil

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!

I’m currently lvl 46 I’m kinda unsure of the route of what I should be doing with my sigil in this seasons events so far I’ve gotten to gold on sehket . Should I be trying to max out his tree or should I be going for more than just him. I don’t plan to whale out just play normally maybe spend 50 usd.

This week, Sekhet still has a 50% discount, so this week I would get as far as you can on that line.

After that, you’re best off saving up your sigils over the season, so you can make the best possible choices once all the season lines are out. This will also help you have enough sigils in case a good trading post offer comes a long (these come a few times a season, and each offer is available only for one day).


Will there be more line dropped across the rest of the season?

Yes, absolutely.

There will be

  • a resurrection dragon (old dragon come back) in week 3.
  • another legendary dragon and a rider in week 6.
  • a tower branch in week 8.
  • a festive dragon branch in week 9.
  • several one-week branches offering exotic runes, unknown when

And then there’s a trading post, which so far has appeared twice a season. It stays for 5 days and offers items of varying quality for sigils and sometimes for other currencies too. Each offer is up for one day.

As a beginning player, the tower line in week 8 is probably good to get some of, it will boost your level progression a fair bit with the speed-ups it contains. Getting a second dragon is probably nice as well, but best wait until at least week 9 to find out which dragon looks best for you.


If you need more divines or need a divine in a tier then you can keep doing sekhet, but if there is no use and your defense is in the millions then base boost is good to do. If you’re aiming for a mythic then getting the most keys is a priority.

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i wouldn’t really recommend the base boost to a beginning player. You’ll want some divines to work with early, and base boost isn’t really going to make much difference for bases below 25 billion defense or so.

It’s good for the materials if you already have a few divines that aren’t running out of stones, or if you can afford to get more than one discount line. But for a level 46 just starting out it’s not really a good option.


I do have necryx from when I played years ago but he’s just orange

I hadn’t noticed they said they were only level 46. Yeah at that level divines are much better and slowly growing their rss storage so they’ll be able to handle a higher ranked team.

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don’t lol after discounts save them all

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