Until you start taking current players serious I would never recommend this game

Most of the people are loyal player, but PG won’t listen to the complaints or issues, but yet you want people to recommend other players? Start taking your current patrons serious before you ask for support from users.


It says you will win rewards if you refer a friend:

And this is the reward:

My reaction:


Yeah. I got that pop up too. Not a single chance. They won’t even touch the new player retention issue so absolutely zero chance I’d say a word to anyone I liked.


Serious questions - what specific issues with the new player (say level 0-150) experience do you feel need to be addressed?

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The early levels aren’t the problem. The time and $ it takes to progress once you’re past them is. Why would I suggest a game to anyone where end game is is farther away in years than the game is likely to be around?


Orange-Gold legends take a ridiculous amount of runs/time to level up to a usable/breedable level. I quit over it back in early 2017. Don’t see why new players would do something different since it’s not changed.


I’ve had problems getting credit for the people I have brought here. I brought at least 3 players tht continue to this day and received nothing not ven the portrait and I’ve been playing for 5 years. The invite button doesn’t even send a link

I literally tell all my friends when they see me playing and express interest to not waste their time. The only reason I play right now is Stockholm Syndrome in that I’ve been playing for more than two years and it would feel like a waste to walk away now.


These are the rewards that you “can” get by referrals.

These are my personal feelings toward the game and why I wouldn’t recommend it:

  • It is not a game one can recreationally play unless they do not mind missing out on the best, most useful items.
    The sheer amount of time and effort the game demands if you want to succeed is really…just unhealthy. It sneaks up on you. It is fun and easy at the beginning levels but once you get up to higher levels, the team requirements, walls and difficulties to progress and the necessary requirements to remain on a strong competitive team is a serious commitment. It will eventually wear you out and that is when you see all the unhappy and angry posts in the forum.

I played for 4+ years and recently quit. There’s too much frustration involved over working hard for a dragon only to be disappointed by it or narrowly missing it. The lineage dragons are a big disappointment. They’re pretty. That’s it.
The social aspect of the game was my favorite. I loved meeting the other players but there are much less demanding avenues for that elsewhere.


When I started playing, luckily there were not many glitches flying around so I played pretty peacefully.
If I’d start now and had to deal with all of the frustration throughout each update and each PvP event, I would quit very, very soon. It doesn’t worth the nerves in first place.

After you seeing that, would you still refer the game to your friends?

I still dont. :man_shrugging:

Unless PG makes some sweeping changes on how they handle things I will never recommend this game to anyone. In fact I actively steer people away.

Sunk cost fallacy moreso than Stockholm. Did you feel a twinge of guilt or remorse for steering your friends away from your dragon overlords? I’m thinking no. Subject appears to need more koolaid and inconsistent affection, PGs.

Sorry for the stolen screenshot, but I have received all these referral rewards as Tinsir & co. progressed through the game. I did not spend them wisely, but I had fun doing it.


Here is my long detailed post on why I refuse to refer friends.

The never ending, game breaking bugs alone would steer most folks way from WD.
Linage dragons are speed bumps, nothing more and the next ones cost 520K egg tokens! How would anyone explain that to a noob in good conscious?


Good point.

For someone new coming in, it takes about a year with either massive amounts of time or loads of money to make any progress. The “training” teams that are all active are filled with Atlas refugees (take a look through the Gold 1 teams sometime). If you make friends with one of these teams so that you want to stay with them and grow, there is the issue of moving the goal post for a team to attain Atlas. So you are faced with the dilemma of abandoning your new friends to jump to an Atlas team or sitting on a non-Atlas team that has to continually battle teams who have Atlas resources at their disposal. PG has created a system of haves and have nots. And don’t even think about trying to get anything resolved through PG support. All they do is deflect the blame or tell you that the matter is being referred to Development just to get you to go away and stop bothering them.


If you are a seasoned players and invite your friends you can’t actually play with them… the time to catch up is astronomical.


I started fairly recently compared to most here. I even created a team and managed to bring it to Gold I with 50/50 active players. I was absolutely in love with the game and wanted all of my friends to play with me. I was so naive.

So problems as a new player!

  1. The team recommendation system

    • Almost all of the teams that it recommends to new players are inactive teams, often in bronze, silver and low gold.
    • Joining the recommended team and having no one to talk to, no one to back you, no one to send rss. This is a team based game and it’s really hard to get into without getting into a semi active team.
  2. People in the lower leagues talk about how you HAVE to be 150+ to get into Plat teams. I was convinced that I was going to die in Plat if I moved up when I was lvl 70 when plat IV needs active players. I know a Plat III team that would take players that low if they were active.

  3. Because of #2 you are stuck on a non atlas team where it is super hard to level up and you are most likely on a team that doesn’t even know how to play the game correctly. No one is there to stop you from Pokemon breeding, building ballistas or building 30+ towers.

  4. Now you finally are on a team and have a few members who will send rss, defend and back you. This is rare in the other teams you have been on so you make friends with that person and don’t want to leave them. So you stay on a crappy team that doesn’t help at all.

  5. People like me who see all the crappy teams and want to make a better one for new players. Which floods the game with even more teams.

  6. The scary stories about atlas. People saying it’s this crazy hard place that has a ton of politics and makes the game so it’s no longer fun.

Tl;dr New players get recommended inactive teams so they quit or they get stuck with bad habits and never move up.

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You don’t have to spend, plenty of F2P people are doing swell…