Unused siege weapons

So with the announcement that the KoTH event will be retired, what are players to do with unused siege weapons? Can we expect to be compensated? The help desk says to “keep an eye out IF we will be compensated”. Will there be a new event that uses siege weapons or are we moving towards all pvp using inner fire instead? What is the motivation to spend on gold chest roulette for the last of an event prior to its retirement if we get items that go unused and will not be compensated for them? @PGJared @PGCrisis

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It wasn’t mentioned in the stream, they are working on a way to compensate but also recommend trying to use all that you can this next and last KotH. Also no more will be given through chests

They’ll go the way of Baby Valors I’m sure…

Sure, here is a Mega Coin for your Great Valor, but nothing for the dozens, if not hundreds, of Baby Valors…

All in the name of progress…and I figured KOTH would be one event they’d keep around, really interested in how “similar” this new event is…


Let me save you time wondering. It will be nothing like KoTh,but it will have mega coin in some fashion. They are working on a bonus meter 2.0, but will more than likely be mega coin 2.0. They will not do one thing that doesn’t increase money for them.

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Yea, truthfully I wonder how much truth there was to them not being able to “fix” it as oppposed to it being one of the events they make the least amount of money on. I was very disheartened to learn mega coin will be in this “similar” event and raid wasn’t even given a thought until someone mentioned it in the stream. Really kinda shows where their mind is at with everything. Now I do have to give credit that it appears that they think raid is a good idea still, as when it was brought up they seem to have actually paid attention to it. But we will have to wait and see

Well if they can’t fix it maybe they should hire better programmers. Maybe they could hire John Carmack for a bit.

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