Upcoming Balance Changes

Hi Folks!

After collecting various players’ feedback in the past and present and after viewing dragon and spell usage from the playerbase, our designers decided that our game is in need of some rebalancing. Within the next few months, we plan on rolling out with some balancing changes to the game. We welcome all player feedback (although all feedback does not guarantee any changes), as all will be considered and reviewed for future updates. For details for the first wave of our rebalancing efforts, be sure to check out the details below. We plan on making these live in an upcoming patch:

1) Spells - Updated some spells for rebalancing purposes

Cure Poison - Increased healing amount (3%→12%). This spell was being used to counter ballista towers, but it wasn’t useful when there weren’t any ballistas around. This rebalance will make it so that it’s still useful for the rage cost.

Rejuvenate - Made the healing faster (previously over 5 secs→now over 4 secs) and increased the total amount of health gained (13%→30%). We found that the amount of heal gained wasn’t worth the rage cost.

Forgeable Rejuvenate - Made the healing faster (previously over 5 secs→now over 2.5 secs).

Super Rejuvenate - Made the healing faster and increased the total amount of health gained (previously over 5 secs→now over 2 secs).

Reverse Projectiles - Increased the duration of this spell. This is already a good spell, but compared to Invert it needed a slight adjustment (previously 3.5 secs→now 4 secs).

Flash - Increased chance to dodge projectiles (65%→100%).

Starburn - Made the HP trigger condition easier (65%→75%) and increased its damage bonus (25%→40%).

Heated Breath - Increased the duration of this spell (3 seconds→3.75 seconds) since it wasn’t providing enough damage output that warriors needed at certain times. We’ve also increased its damage bonus (20%→25%) and its projectile speed (70→120).

Super Heated Breath - Increased the duration of this spell (5 sec→6sec) and its projectile speed (70→120).

Malefic Breath - Increased this spell’s projectile speed (70→120).

Berserk - Increased this spell’s projectile speed (70→120).

Isolation - Increased this spell’s projectile speed (70→120).

Light Speed - Increased this spell’s projectile speed and decreased its damage reduction (110→150).

Apophet’s Shadow - Increased the HP for this spell (40%→60%). Apophet will now have a semi-permanent summoned dragon.

Forgeable Self Destruct - Reduced the max number it can be used in game due to a bug in the game that was being abused to gain invincibility (100→1).

Thunderstorm - Changed the spell’s color to red since it is an attack spell. It’ll still be very powerful once the red mage tower is destroyed.

2) Increased Damage Over Time - Damage over time was increased in order to provide usefulness.

Ballista poison damage & Supershot poison damage - Increased damage for these.

Malefic Breath - Increased damage for this spell.

Dreadful Roar - Increased damage for this spell.

3) Warrior/Sorcerer Attack Rate Increased - Warriors and Sorcerers weren’t able to initiate the towers as fast as Hunters and it was resulting in taking significantly more damage. This change will make the flame/fireball to fly faster, which will provide Warriors and Sorcerers to be able to initiate faster.

Warrior - Increased Projectile Speed (70→95)

Sorcerer - Increased Projectile Speed (55→80)

4) Obsidian Mythic Additional Levels - We believe that the Obsidian dragons are not performing as well against the current max level towers as we anticipated. Therefore, we have decided to increase max level to enable more balanced gameplay at the end of top tier.

Obsidian Mythic - Increased Max Level (35→40)

Moonfang - Increased Max Level (60→65)


Is that last one meant to mean PG made a mistake with level 60 towers? Imagine that?


First, congratulations for hearing us.
I am eager to test it all. It may even bring some dragons back from the dead…


I don’t understand this times. Is the forgeable rej going to be quicker than a normal rej and practically a superrej?
Also, super rej is currently around 3 seconds, not 5.


I completely approve of the other spell changes, bravo :+1:t3:


Oh wait, are you seriously going to change the color of a spell? Thunderstorm in red, what a silly idea. Really not impressed… Rather upset, but I blame my usual reticence to change…

Is this going to screw up all those spells with bugs? Just asking do I’m not surprised when it happens, and just relieved if they aren’t bugged…

Edit : Glad I’m not the only one @Lutrus as if Sage hasn’t been nerfed enough…


I’m glad that you are balancing the spells available in the game as it progresses and you see the use of spells. A lot of these spells have been “useless” to us players for a while so this may help bring a few of them back into play.

Thank you for the changes, excited to see how they perform when they go live.

As far as t-storm, does this mean that a red mage will completely block the lightning strikes like it should have in the first place? :smiley:


By the way this is not the rebalance of the spell itself but the research related to Cure Poison that is improved. At the origin Cure Poison do not heal any HP, just poison from ballistas.


Would you perhaps relook at isolation?

  1. the spell is bugged as if you pre cast it it expires before you target a tower, or countdown starts and it doesn’t last full duration

Furthermore I have serious reservations about Girasol’s ability to survive anything.

Could you try a scenario where he faces lvl 60 towers,lets say

Ice tower storm tower blue mage red mage fire flak with a single defender?

Id be interested to see if he can even survive one island?


Ya but they will still gladly take the money required to build them…

Not happy about the Thunderstorm spell nerf. That sucks. A lot. :frowning:
Other than that, most of the stuff sounds pretty good. :slight_smile:


Can we rethink the thunderstorm and red mage idea??? Pretty please? I agree that rebalancing needs to be done but I feel like this is going to hurt Sages performance. :slight_smile:


This looks fantastic, and I applaude the announcement vs just making slight changes on the back end.

Thunderstorm’s change finally makes most damage spells Red. While on the surface it sounds like it nerf’s sage, with increased DPS on warriors and rejuvenate being buffed, it might actually be providing balance. So does this mean thunderstorm will continue to work as it does but become red, or will it obey the rules of Red mage towers? This change (while I agree with it) should cause massive changes to both defense and dragon use.



Cough cough*
Anyways, now all we need to fix it the progression walls… linked:


And here I was thinking we would see the completion on the League restructuring. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.

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I see lots of great changes. Especially those aimed at making underwhelming dragons more viable (A&A!).
For those upset about Sage, the buff to rejuvenate will offset the thunderstorm “nerf.” Honestly I think it’s more than fair. At least instead of having it frozen when at a blue mage, you can cast and hit anything not under a red mage. Like death gaze.
I like it!


I’m excited to see the changes in the sorcerers since Kinn is my best. It would be nice not to have to be solely dependant on getting hunters.

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I didn’t come up with this myself but read someone saying that they are glad you’re making our shitty stuff better rather than making our decent stuff shitty. That’s been the way of dealing with these things in the past. Like the Darja nerf way back.


Ohhh I was so mad about that. I remember how many people asked for their money back. :joy:

To my understanding, yes.

I love Sage and it’s one of my favorite dragons. Thunderstorm has always been a great spell for Sorcerers and it is a spell that can totally demolish a base. This spell will be still powerful after this change and fix a problem that was presented to us from our respected players.

Spell damage usually scales with a Dragon’s Max HP. Since Warriors (Sage says Hi!) have the highest Total HP, Thunderstorm’s damage output was higher than what we originally intended. There was also a bug where blue mage towers couldn’t block Thunderstorm if it was cast before entering the mage tower’s cancel range. This proved to be a very frustrating experience for players defending against Sage.

This was a very tough decision for us and we will keep track of how this will change Thunderstorm overall. We believe that this change will positively affect attackers’ and defenders’ play experience and further establish consistency for how spells perform and interact.