Upcoming Balance Changes


I second this. Lets take away the white spells since the only thing you have to think about is if you have enough rage.


While I am against changing TS color, I can also understand that me feeling of people who hate them, and especially Sage.

IMO current TS mechanic just give players a really easy way to go through even a well prepped base. Even though you have blue mage right up in front of a Long Island, you still can cast it and it continues to do the damage. No skill or tactics on raiding involved, just push the spell fast enough and you can soar through.

I prefer flying hunters (not that I’m super good at it. I don’t even use two fingers often :sweat_smile:) and when I fly them against a good base, I will really think through which tower to target first, which spells to cast at which timing before I fly.
IMO, Sage (and actually kinnarus even more) gives player to raid through a good base without any of those thinking involved, and as one of the person who likes base building too, that feels like BS.

Well therefore, my opinion is same as @EmrahT and keep it blue, make it stop when it comes to range of blue mage. Or keep the spell, make it white for Sage and adjust damagelike they did for the thunderbolt of Borgian.


I got tired of translating English using google translation …
Finally I will write my opinion again and I will leave it to everyone else.

Long ago, PG and Employees said that Thunderstorm will be blue spell
I made a serious mistake.
And now I say to red spell, for reasons to return to the correct category.
For their convenience, ignoring the Low Level Player and those who spent a lot of money and time for the Dragons with TS.
The change should have been made as soon as the gold dragon came out.
It was too late …
Now the influence on players is too big.
Feel the responsibility.
Wake up! PG and Employees!
You must not make mistakes any more!

My opinion is…
・Do not do anything about Thunderstorm.
・Do not release dragons that use Thunderstorm in the future.

※ If you really want to use Thunderstorm …
Reduce time, reduce thunder dropping, narrow area,
Can be considered.
However, we should have discussed so much about this problem.
But even then PG and Employees did not do anything.
This is also a serious mistake of PG and Employees.

When my own level reaches 84, I will do my best to train them so that the levels of Donivalis and Sekoronos can be 26! bye!


Lol I really don’t get the problem with fixing this spell…the only people complaining are the ones that abused it to hell in wars and regular attacks and will now have to rely on strategy to attack.
The spell was BROKEN and we all know that, so what if Sage is crap now?..how many more capable drag came after him?..stop wasting ur time on this and move on. Winter is coming!


May i just ask if thats a dps boost or what it even means


when does this update start? before christmas or next year?


I agree with drexion. The spell was broken, I don’t understand why people think it was not. I get being upset cause of time and money spent to level sage, but a spell where you come around a corner and blow up entire Long Island in one shot is clearly not proper. They could just shorten the duration of the spell though on sage, and moving forward have it as a red spell for new dragonsb


If your sages TS is destroying the entire long then you are hitting bases that are too weak. IMO.


Or ones that were badly built


This is crazy. I just tried to skim through this whole conversation, my mistake. Guess what? All for nothing! They are still changing TS. I think the question going forward should be when? We all pleaded our case, myself included. We lost so now when is this change happening so I can prepare myself mentally :joy::joy: well not really jk :grin:


You know they intendet to change it anyway after this declaration.

I hope just that they will let it blue, but stopable for blues range, instead of red color which is worse.
So at least we can just hope PG/PX Team listen us and change it in a different way than planned firstly. :slight_smile:


Is a white shield more rage than blue? What about white lightning?


Shield can be popped with a cannon, cannon can be stopped with randomization (hitting monuments) and storm towers. To me, that’s the difference.


I get the reasoning, but why not just change the aoe for Blue Mages so it blocks a little sooner? The preference to make the spells fall within a specific taxonomy is understandable and certainly I get tidying up from a coding perspective if long term plans are benefited… but the issue here from the consumers ‘ perspective is that they’re buying one thing only to have it devalued later…

All that said, I am not affected since, like Red, I no longer use any of the affected dragons and can use other spells effectively. However, it is more than disconcerting to know that items earned or purchased have a pattern of being changed… like changing Kinn mid season… although the changes made it a beast to certain levels, there was also an adverse side since it took weeks to change and compensate players…mine was already completed.

The outcry here resembles the concerns of other players and once you comb through all of the complaints it comes down to making changes on items already owned. …imo


I’ll say this again, as a red spell nobody and I mean nobody wants this spell on any new dragons. So changing it to red for that purpose makes no sense to me. And other spells with the same “mechanic” if they’'re red will be bad too. What could possibly fall from the skies that matters if it’s blocked by a red mage tower?


For me this has never been about Sage but about the sorcerers who will only have red skills left and thus be strongly nerfed. Like Donovalis and Sekoronos.


Exactly. I would have bred differently had Thunderstorm been red from the start.


I honestly think I lost brain cells from reading all of this…


I applaud you for doing so! Ik i couldnt lol


Two things to consider:

  1. Sage is a divine dragon, and people liked it because of TS. It’s wrong for PG to do a bait and switch. Leave TS blue on Sage or make it white on Sage.
  2. TS is first introduced on gold tier along with steal essence. TS is meant to be more powerful than older spells like freeze or fireball. Sadly, TS was nerfed shortly after, both on dragons and forge. So why does PG think another nerf is needed?

Bad decision by PG if TS is going to be red. Bait and switch discourage me from pursuing divine dragons.