Upcoming Balance Changes


Probably because it doesn’t work right, and isn’t limited to sage. Change the casting range, make only the consumable and future thunderstorm red, make sage’s white cause…it’s sage and who cares. Doesn’t matter, but this thread has been going in circles for so damn long :man_facepalming:t2:.


Easily the most commented on thread.


Pretty much. I still haven’t figured out why PG has such a hard on for white cc spells. Does every dragon in the game need to have vines or sand?


I get you don’t like Noct being “overpowered” but literally only 6 dragons in this entire game have sand or vines…


We really appreciate everyone who’s shared their thoughts and contributed to this important discussion about Thunderstorm. After considering all of the feedback we’ve received, we’re now looking at an alternative course of action.

We’re very aware that Sage will be negatively impacted by the Thunderstorm change in its current state, and we’re set on that not being the case.

As a result, we are discussing giving Sage a White Thunderstorm that does less damage due to its colorless nature. As for the other existing Sorcerers, they will receive the previously mentioned Red Thunderstorm, which falls more in line with the spell’s original design intentions.

We are trying very hard to listen and find the best solutions to problems in the game. We highly value the feedback of our players and we look forward to improving War Dragons together!

Balance Changes
Balance Changes
White thunderstorm nerfed?

Sage DOESNT NEED a stronger version of thunderstorm. These weak AF sorcerers DO.

This is the exact opposite of what should be done


She said less powerful.

Those weak AF sorcerers as you put them - none of them are worthy of being lead or follower dragons anyway.


White = stronger


Fair enough. Maybe it’s too strong for a hunter in general? Vine for sure.


Yay!!! Thanks so much for listening to us! I think this is a good compromise. I’m sorry for those who will have to suffer through some of the sorcs with a broken spell now (basically useless spell now). Because, let’s face it, I never thought it needed to be “fixed”. But I really appreciate you at least trying to come up with a compromise for those of us who worked so hard to get Sage.
In practice, making the spell white is not a big change. There is no point in using it unless you are at the back of a long island where it can kill stuff ahead of you. Otherwise it’s not worth the rage because it’s so slow you’ll be dead before it kills anything. This means the only time I really use it is on those two long islands and it basically acts like a white spell there anyway- unless I get the timing wrong and get stopped by a blue tower.
It remains to be seen how it will work out- hopefully the reduction in power will not be too great as that would defeat the purpose… but I’m keeping an open mind. :slight_smile:


Okay. Let me take a few deep breaths and try to more calmly explain why this is the wrong decision.

Sorcerers are a weak class. Their damage output is poor, they are too dependent on rage and many don’t have spell sets that can support them.
Of those with half-decent spell sets, it boils down to a select few spells. Thunderstorm, invincibility, invert projectiles, to give a few examples.

Your first mistake was reducing the power of thunderstorm on not only the consumable (as was promised!), but also the sorcerers who carried it naturally. Your second mistake was giving the spell to a warrior, which had the unintended consequence of being stronger than its sorcerer counterpart.

You now have a “broken” spell, which behaves erratically in relation to other blue spells (not canceled after cast by blue mage towers) and is unbalanced when equipped on a warrior.

I understand why Sage users are upset, but rebalancing is normal and necessary to the longevity of a game. Your solution of changing Sage’s storm to white is not balancing- reducing the power will not compensate for the colorlessness’ enormous advantage. This is further worsened by the intention to still nerf the spell on sorcerers, when sorcerers need that crutch to not be absolutely useless.

Is there a reason why you can’t fix it so thunderstorm stops when in range of a blue tower? Or extend the range of the blue tower?


I don’t get why you are so upset about having the spell turned to red on sorcs and then you argue to make thunderstorm stop in range of a blue tower- which would have a similar effect of nerfing the spell on sorcs??


When there is an issue they are trying to resolve and they offer a solution that is unfavorable, you have to suggest something else in order to continue the discussion in a constructive manner.
The path that harms sorcerers the least, in my personal opinion, would be correcting a broken mechanic (blue towers not doing their job) rather than changing it completely.


I respectfully disagree. Instead of monkying around with blue mage tower coding to make it conform to what the red tower already does (and injecting who knows what sort of bugs in the process), change the one outlier spell so it conforms with virtually every other direct damage spell in the game.

Change Sage to white TS with reduced damage is a fair compromise since it is the only reasonably current dragon that has it (there aren’t too many Sekoronos fans screaming in this thread, it’s all Sage users). It basically functions as a white spell already so it’s not hugely problematic balance wise.

I approve of this compromise and appreciate PG being open to acting on feedback, and I say this as someone who neither uses Sage nor needs to worry about it as an attacker.


I would agree with you that vines has too large an attack radius. For it to be able to disable up to 5 towers in one shot, and being white is OP. But, I don’t have Noc - probably never will - so my views don’t really count… :joy:


It currently ignores mages basically which is what everyone has been complaining about. Making it white only justifies its current behavior and the less damage means a weaker spell. So yes it will be weaker than it currently is.


It does open up the option to now use it on short isles and the first long isle without killing blue first. But why you’d want to use it on short isles is a question mark (perhaps in conjunction with shield but that’s 4 rage gone). As for the first long isle by the time you get there you’ve more or less beaten the base already.

So, as a sage flyer (albeit very irregularly) this change actually balances Thunderstorm for Sage in my view. White cancels out the weaker damage.


Well, your major issue and reason for wanting the change will be fixed now. The consumables will now be red. Don’t think they intend on decreasing the damage of the red spell, only the white on Sage. “Broken” spells fixed.


You’re missing out. Imagine a dragon that basically if you close your eyes and just drool. It works.


There are several different instances of thunderstorm, though, so it depends on if they’re changing all of those or not :see_no_evil: (regarding consumable change)