Upcoming Balance Changes


Thank you for considering our input. I feel for some of the people who bred Donvalis, but this is a decent compromise.


That sounds reasonable. Two white spells, one blue spell, and one resist is similar to Zamrok. Thank you for soliciting feedback. It is greatly appreciated.


Hmmm.i dont care much about sage so not commenting on him.

White spells cheapen your game. They remove depth from both attacker and defenders perspective.

Attacker no longer has to plan - flying by numbers.
Base design goes out the window, because a balanced good design becomes less relevant.

Not useless, just lessened.

In future, perhaps stimulate base design as a fix rather than putting white spells everywhere.

On the flip side, I do believe warriors are the one class that should have white spells, as they are generally completely useless. But the spells that are made white should be spells that require thought and planning, not simply be bashed as soon as they come off cooldown/rage accumulates


Again, why would I ever cast a red thunderstorm with a dragon that also has a red freeze? Freeze is far superior to a red thunderstorm. It prevents damage and towers die before freeze runs out. Thunderstorm is slow in killing towers and doesn’t prevent damage in the meantime.

Red thunderstorm is redundant. Just take it away then and replace it with something useful.

I get that sage deserves special attention because he’s a devine, yet it’s the sorcerers that end up with only red skills that are truly affected by red thunderstorm.


I am! Although I try not to scream over Sekoronos. I always hear that sorcerers are weak and this weakens several of them strongly. I would actually prefer it they just replaced thunderstorm with yet another invincibility shield.

Red thunderstorm is redundant in every sorcerer I can think of. Just take it away then.


Because sorcerers with a mix of blue and red skills are far more useful than those with only red skills.


If those sorcerers are so unworthy, they should be buffed instead of nerfed.


So warriors are getting a buff and sorcs a quicker start? This is the only way I can understand this. Warriors have a short time before their flame hits but once it’s going it’s traveling at a faster rate. Which equals a DPS increase for warriors right?


Depends on when you start measuring the second… :joy:


I have no idea what you mean but. To further clarify I mean doesnt this equal a dps increase for warriors because they don’t have a wait time in between “shots”


It’s all here mate. No dps increase.


Ok I actually read all of that already. I understand the intervals when we are talking about sorcerers. Do warriors have this interval after someone initially starts the flame? Or is it constant damage once the flame touches a tower and a person doesn’t move the flame until the tower is dead? I feel like maybe I am just not expressing my thoughts well now :man_shrugging:

I am sorry you went through all the trouble of tracking down those quotes.


Good point. I see that makes sense for sorcs who only have another red spell to have a blue spell to balance that. To be honest, I agree that thunderstorm shouldn’t be nerfed for sorcs either. Just trying to understand her logic in not wanting to weaken sorcs and yet being willing to, well, weaken sorcs. lol
I would think she’d rather keep thunderstorm as-is on sorcs or turn it white like it is on Sage if she’s so concerned about weakening sorcs. That’s what I would prefer to do. And then just get rid of the consumable. That seems to be the main offender.


It wont change much. With both Sorcs and Warriors when you click on a tower they shoot, but it doesn’t actually hit the tower(s) right away. it takes half a second. That delay is being reduced. nothing more. Rate of fire/DPS does not change.


I had a thought for sorcerers and making their regular attack more specific and useful, especially with the Winter devine Equestor having a summon and and Essence spell… There will be no choice of what spell you get because the summon will always kill the towers in the order that it’s programmed for. If sorcerers could use a type of tap attack that would give three times the normal damage it would allow the sorcerer to use Extract Essence effectively. Since sorcerers dont have more health than hunters(or at least not noticeably) they should be able to kill (SINGULAR) specific towers fast like hunters, yet still conform to their swipe attack methods.

The idea here is that when you swipe on only one tower you waste your shots as you would do maore damage to the base if you had targeted three towers instead of one. Since hunters can tap at the most of ten targets at once OR 1 target 10 times(just tapping really fast basically which sorcerers cant do), then sorcerers should be able to split up its max damage upon normally three towers between two or one towers. Ex:

Turquoise Socerer does 10 damage to each of the three targeted towers with it’s normal three-tower swipe.

So it’s max damage output would be 30.

If it were to target only two towers then it would do 15 damage upon each one. If it were to only target a single tower then it would deal 30 damage to that single tower!


You can tap attack with soccers already, learned this by accident while using anuba, still same speed but you can choose a tower to hit vs swiping. Also works better when u have that 1 stubborn farm…

The idea of strenghting that one launch of a tap, I like…


I really like the solution about TS, it makes sense and is a very fair step( Afterall red solution was really worthless at todays bases). Thank you PG/PX Team ! :slight_smile:

It lets me remember Borgian with its Thunderbolt against Lightning , so the difference in power is still compensateable versus the positive effect at a field .

Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:
Cant wait really for the new update and the changes :slight_smile:


personally love sorcerers they take finesse i believe. don’t have sage so :woman_shrugging: i’m disheartened the sorcerers who had red blue spell ie TS now will be never unbenched or played with because this weakens them to the point of uselessness. i haven’t personally seen TS having the issues i keep hearing about unless you talk in defending against sage. to which i say study your defense and adjust accordingly.


Dumb question perhaps… do we have an ETA when these ‘balance’ changes are to be in effect?


I agree that its not ideal spell combo.

I would however point out that Equestor is about as original as a thread about evo stones.

Its almost a carbon copy of Rhyo

Rhyo works okish, I’m sure this one will do as well. If the familiar is like Kinnarus, he might even be stupidly OP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: who knows