Upcoming Balance Changes


Vylentqt, it is not a dumb question. I would like to know WHEN the change starts are going to be implemented !


Yes but once a warrior initiates their attack the flame is traveling faster right? Unless there is some interval on a warriors flame to do damage even though the stream is constant I think we have to look at this as a DPS increase for warriors.


Wrong. Think of a warriors fire as many small projectiles that together look like a constant stream. Those projectiles fly faster from the dragons mouth to its target, but the speed at which the projectiles leave the dragons mouth remains the same.

All these buffs are doing is making the projectiles get from point A to point B faster.


Yet again which makes sense for sorcerers. How about for warriors? What actual interval along the lines of the swipe interval for sorcs is holding a warriors flame back?


Warrior flame isn’t actually a constant stream. Imagine say its rate of fire is 20 shots per second. Each shot now gets to the target faster, but there are still only 20 shots each second.


I see what you are saying. Thank you. It just doesn’t make sense from a programming perspective for the flame to actually be that way. It’s safe to say the warriors flame was the first dragon attack mechanic built. It doesn’t seem like a necessity for them to build in an additional limiting factor to a warriors flame when they could use the actual DPS number to easily balance dragon attack. There is no reason to add additional code to ensure that only a certain number of projectiles would hit in a certain time frame. Only the time it takes once a flame is started for a projectile to hit and how long it takes the last projectiles to hit after a flame is released.

Additionally from a visual perspective if you are truelly targeted on a towers hit box you see the health bar decrease at a smooth rate. I am going to try this on smaller tower levels to see.


It’s not a smooth rate for me, I move to next tower while the last tower is low health so the remaining flame can catch up and hit it.


Best way to see this is to rapidly move your flame from side to side. You will see blank spots where the flames don’t hit.


Cheeky what dragon are you using and what level towers are up against when you see this ?


What cheeky describes is the typical way to use warriors. The flame has a slow travel speed so you can actually move off the target and for a split second after the flames you fired previously continues to hit the old tower.


grumpy I feel like your example has more to do with having to wait for the portion of the flame to leave the drags mouth to hit the tower from when your drag was targeted on it.


Yes that’s what I was saying in response to cheekys post. Re not a continuous fire, you can see that by moving your flame sideways and you will see that not everywhere gets hit by flames.


Yes that makes sense and supports my theory of how PG programmed it. It takes time for the flame to arrive and time for it to stop hitting the section you target. If there is truelly an additional limitter on damage per second is what I am wondering.

Perhaps the constant stream is treated as 1 projectile. This increase of speed of projectile not being a DPS buff then makes sense.


Ofcourse that causes you to not do damage you are not targeting the tower when you move off of it.


If you move your flame over water you can see multiple individual splashes indicating that the warrior flame is actually made up of many shots that together look visually like a continuous stream of fire.


Wow. That was super helpful! I saw it. I need to make a video so I can watch it better. But all these projectiles will be traveling at a higher rate now. So that equals either more projectiles per second(DPS buff) or a larger gap in time that damage won’t be dealt smoothly(we should see jitter in health bars) almost like how a sorcer has a wait time


Thank you grumpy makes way more sense now. I also understand exactly why warriors aren’t so great now


Based on the amount of problems, redesigns, nerfs and “balance changes” that have occurred in only the single year that I have been playing, I would guess that their testing is limited to a few runs with a maxxed out dragon against a few canned bases and then they call it good.

I doubt they spend 10 playing hours actually testing each dragon. And I bet they go into testing with final decision on spells and power levels already made.


Soooo when are these changes suppose to happen


I would like to know when the changes are going to happen.