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Hi PG, could you looks into the moonfang full moon spell, which I think is unbalance to fight against the base of so many tower. Doing the Maths count,
when you cast this full moon spell the dragon will lost 25% hp and only take back 10% hp after each tower destroyed. So at the end this spell will bring the dragon hp down all the way during base attack, which is unfair fight.
this moonfang can be consider the high end dragon to have it but why such a lousy spell setup ???


On a defended base Moonfang goes poof to easy, all the effort I out into him and even putting Grogg on him doesn’t seem to help much at all. Very Very disappointing to say the least. I have him maxed at garnet atm untill I can get to emerald and he has less attack power than Necryx , anuba and Gargula. No glyphs on him, have nothing but healing mark ones, but he is suppose to be all hyped up. urrrffff



It’s a warrior lol, you expect too much out of a useless class of dragons. Maybe shouldn’t buy into people hyping stuff up… :slight_smile: If I hype up flat tires, no matter how much I hype them up they still gonna be useless. Not saying Moonfang is completely useless, but at the end of the day he is a warrior…


Final prize Season mythics have sure taken a 180 degree turn for the worse. Let’s examine.
Phasmos - awesome, especially for a sorcerer, probably to the point of OP
Algor - very, very good compared to most warriors of the time (as a Garnet) lost a little steam as an emerald
Morphos - pretty good all around probably the best balancing act at being very good without being OP
Merkt - this was nothing but a bad joke. Fraudulent lawsuit worthy. Every other sorcerer in Obsidian tier is far superior to this craptastic excuse for a dragon
Moonfang - ok but not good enough to take on defenders. More of a product of the problems of warrior class as his own spell set.


Ive seen a few vids of moonfang taking on big bases with defenders. Honestly he shouldnt be an iwin button.

There are no dragons that do wel against defended bases, so not sure what those statements are about.


Exactly, but…the people who are getting them should have an idea of what the dragon will be like. If you’re going to spend no matter what, then the effectiveness of this dragon will either be what you expect (not worth the ~$1.2k+ you spent on him) or a bonus. I am not saying that it is people’s fault that the dragons aren’t amazing, but, you should know what you’re paying for.

But in the same respect, people like myself might be willing to pay some money to get them IF they are worth the money. I feel like it is in everyone’s best interest to make them really strong. Might entice more players to spend. Personally, I have the money ready PG…just waiting to see if it worth my time or not.

Just my two cents.


Moonfang was balanced in our calculations when we took Moonfang’s spell set into account. We can analyze data and see if it isn’t performing as we wanted it to be.

Good news is that the near future update will give additional levels to Moonfang(And Obsidian Mythics) so that it can grow more powerful!


these new dragons (season) will have stats of a mythic obsidian at max level… does this boost apply to them too?


It does. They showed their power max as 129m
Current mythic obs max out at around 112m, so +5 levels should be 129m


Thanks Gox! :slight_smile:


I’m going to assume that a new tier of dragons isn’t coming for a reasonable amount of time (2-3 months) based on the decision to have winter season drags cap at obsidian mythic power. If asphalt tier comes out a week or two after divine release, these divines will be dead in the water.


The last dragon will most likely have the whale tier stone


Could you post some of these supposed calculations? I would really like to see them. You can redact anything that might be confidential. I mostly just want to see that PG actually did quantitative calculations. Because I am skeptical.



So has anyone else noticed some uncommunicated “rebalancing” since the last update? Rhyo and Necryx (and a few others based on player discussions) performing differently now on the same bases?

Whether it’s the dragon being nerfed or the towers being made more powerful is up for debate, but the point is

same dragon + same base = dead where it didn’t before

I don’t see anything up there other than positive (even if slightly contentious) changes. Nothing about flaks being made stronger, and the exact opposite of Obsidian dragons being made weaker.

What happened in the last update??


Yes, it’s been covered in a few different places already. A couple examples:


Thanks :+1: will follow those


The problem with fixing the broken spell (which appeared to work as INTENDED, even if that doesn’t mean it works THE SAME as other blue spells) is that people planned around that spell, wasted hours and days and weeks and months for that spell, and many even spent money around that spell. I personally don’t really use Sage anymore, but a few months ago this would have sucked a bunch of the fun out of the game for me - making my (at that time) best dragon very mediocre would have seriously pissed me off. I think this is where a bunch of people are right now.

If the spell worked as other blue spells do AT THE TIME SAGE WAS RELEASED, I and many others never would have gone for him at all - THAT’S the problem from where I stand - If you buy a Corvette and all of a sudden GM comes and picks up your car against your will - you would be pissed if they gave it back to you with a 4 cylinder and some 15inch wheels…

Like I said, I don’t really rely on that spell for anything anymore, so I don’t have a dog in the fight - but I say let the ‘mistake’ live out it’s lifecycle. It’s not like Sage is the scourge of all War Dragons, wiping out every base without hope of defense… That’s Kinnarus and Necrix. THOSE dragons are awesome; they are way better than Sage and his broken thunderstorm.


@PGPulse Mafic’s max. level has increased from 35 to 40 but it’s spell’s work the same - it still gets hit by projectiles when it casts Flash. Light Speed projectiles have same velocity and damage (eyeballing)

Are Mafic’s spells supposed to have changed and it’s not working?

More broadly, can you update the community on what other changes listed in the original post have taken effect?



We are still testing the spell changes to make sure that it’s up to our players’ standards. None of the spell/projectile changes have been implemented yet! Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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