Upcoming Balance Changes


Was wondering myself. I keep thinking K2’s Earthquake is taking longer to travel but I must be hallucinating (again)


They have fixed Kelvin and Gloomclaw,

now for the rest :innocent:


You’ve been asking for warriors to get a bit of love and PG (*hackers) gave us rampaging Mehatens and Gloomclaws. Somewhere Player J is smiling.


I was just trying to remember his name. He must have abandoned the whole "The warrior path is going strong :muscle:t5: " thing. LOL

Of course he could still be lurking…


He wants no one to know his in game name. He always hid that from everyone. I was waiting on the totem strategy guide to be posted here so we could track him down…


new forums don’t allow colored text I think, so he boycotting


@PGPulse Can you provide us with an update? Thanks!


Im reasonably sure that the players have expressed that it is up to their standards as it is now.
Maybe you mean you are testing to ensure that it wont be nerfed enough to cause general revolt?


Feedback. After yesterday release fire turret seeems to be working just fine as it should be from day 0. Please keep this tower like this so that it gives option to include fire turret for proper base setup.


I read that as “We are making sure to remove the majority of bugs prior to release” which I am fine with. :grin:


Has the color of Sage’s thunderstorm spell been resolved? If ya’ll still plan on changing the spell to red … please do consider making Sage’s thunderstorm spell white and renaming it. :pray:t3:


You musta missed this…


Sage Sage Sage… amazing how many people worry about a dragon that never was and never will be relevant for anything besides XP bases…

PG should just release the changes already :rofl:


He actually has a really hard time with xp and invader bases. But before flaks were introduced, he was really fun! But flaks and runegate put an end to that so yea, don’t even use him anymore :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks for the information. :hugs:

I use Sage and Tarand quite often when there is a combination of red & blue mages with flak tower. Their white shield makes it easier to kill the flak before dying. So yes, Sage is important to me. :grin:



People dont worry because they need personally, its more that there are many people who are at low level and where that Sage is one of the funbringer for them.

I often say not to just think of myself, at least this game work as community, thats how we need show empathie for the low ones as for mid or high ones ! :slight_smile:

But yea hope too that the changes will come soon :slight_smile:


whoops, sorry if I was a bit too harsh :see_no_evil:


No problem mate, but we need never forgett that there are a lot of level 100 arround who got him and where its really necessary for all of them, and i know about them thats how :sweat_smile:

But at other side the truth is , we all will have many advantages, and that will make us greatly happy ! :blush::sunglasses:


Anyway, fact is that the balance changes would fix countelss of spells and keep getting pushed back because of one single dragon that not even everyone has…


And is no longer available. I think he only went up to garnet maybe emerald at the most so most people that did get him should be getting past using him I would think.