Upcoming Balance Changes


He went up to emerald. I know because I decided to stop at his garnet stone to pick up Aster to plat tier (waited until the end of the season to see if I had the sigils to do that).


They already decided on what they are doing with Sage. I don’t think that’s the hold up.


Imagine all the recoding they have to do just for this one dragon… making TS white means it needs a new name and needs to be added by a new patch etc…
Oh well, it‘s the endless game if waiting :man_shrugging:t3:


Kinnarus doesnt need a nerf. Players need to learn how to build their bases hence the replay button.


I don’t have Kinnarus. However, it would be stupid to nerf her. Many players will ask for refunds or will get angry. Kinnarus isn’t even OP. My base easily shoots down a Kinnarus.


I think Kinnarus needs a nerf. Quite frankly, she is OP…


seriously Coach?


With proper base design, kinnarus is very easy to counter. The dodo attacks the towers based on a set priority list.

Having a strong storm and blue mage at the start of a long island with a second storm or blue mage on the back half leaves kinnarus defenseless. The dodo keeps attacking the ‘sacrificial’ towers while a dark flak or other offensive tower kills kinnarus.


Thats word on the street at least lol


I still think Kinnarus is too strong, she can basically take any base defended and undefended o_O


Ok- now you’re just trolling…
So, after all your posts on the other strings about how great your own base is, are you telling me that my Kinnarus can take your base defended or undefended? lol
Don’t get me wrong, Kinnarus is one my my best drags. But against a decently built base and especially with defenders, she still needs a hunter or warrior to go ahead and take out mages just like any other sorc…
And she has no ability to take out farms. My team leader has even considered banning us from using Kinn on war runs because she’s just too easy to defend against.

Looking back at your post again- That had to be a troll, right?!?


I might be trolling if you think I’m trolling that I am trolling. Are you trolling? At the end of the day aren’t we all not trolling trolling about Kinnarus rolling?

You should test it?


You are a bit off topic…


Got it. Trolling. :joy:


To be fair, it was pretty convincing trolling; his words said one thing while I knew he couldn’t possibly mean that :thinking::man_shrugging:t3::rofl:


Abbraxas needs a nerf :joy::joy: right Coach?


Most definitely.


Poor Abraxxas gets so much hate. I’ve actually grown to like him and am kind of excited for his breath spell upgrades.


He’s just not good. Artwork=very :+1:!!! Spells aren’t tho​:man_shrugging:t2: The breath spell upgrades won’t make much of a difference.


I don’t actually have a good reason for liking him. (Artwork is very cool but aside from that). Might have something to do with my not knowing what a good warrior really is. Amarok was cool. Danzig and Hugin were OK. Khrysos isn’t leveled enough to compare (yay feeding!), but don’t see him being any better.